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Awakening in the twin soulship

The "invitation" to establish a twin soulship here on Earth has long been present in both individuals. Even long before they incarnate in a physical body.

This is because no important moment should be lost in a twin soulship. The "desire to reunite" is prominent. This transcends any other desire.

Magnetic power

The Divine has so much respect for this world that She allows a Soul that has been split before to reincarnate into two individuals. In doing so, the Divine takes into account all known earthly possibilities. From this point of view, both halves of a twin soul "undoubtedly" come together in this life. The Divine makes clever use of the magnetic force. Put two magnets together and they will attract each other at all times.

We have very small magnets that are so strong that you have to put considerable force on them to take them apart. So you "take it apart" "consciously and intentionally"!

Once twin souls are stuck together, they never come loose again. Attracting and repelling only occurs with people who have the "full" Soul to themselves. When you move two magnets with the same poles towards each other, they will both rotate so that a connection is immediately established. Just try connecting magnets at the same poles, they will repel each other. If you connect them to the dissimilar poles (M / F), the joining strengthens the joint attraction. In this way the attraction to the Divine is also strengthened. You really shouldn't look for more.

Duality or Polarity?

The duality consciousness arose from a lack of understanding about the opposites that need each other here on earth to initiate a movement. It is more about polarity (movement in harmony), in which the two opposites urge each other to take action, result: unity. The incorrect use of this polarity has led to a division between good and bad out of necessity. This is how the duality consciousness arose. We have no choice but to choose between what is desired or undesirable.

Twin soulship is more than desirable

The "true twin soulship" is more than desirable in these times when the feminine and the masculine are diametrically opposed to each other. Many individuals who live in a female body place themselves in spirituality, in their femininity, above the masculine, so-called stronger sex. Making a union of both polarities "practically impossible." That every human being has both energies (M / F) in himself, is lost in this thinking, in the outer.

The individual who has the full Soul within him has 50% masculinity and 50% femininity in him. Each individual with the full Soul within them is intended to balance these two aspects. From this balance, "every individual" is empowered to grow into "Divine Consciousness". Without this balance it is "not possible" to progress.

The two halves of the twin soul each have only 25% of the masculine and only 25% of the feminine in themselves. They "never feel complete" and "don't fit at all" with anyone other than their "own other half." This also creates an enormous energetic attraction to initially get the two halves together. Both halves feel this attraction long before they become aware of each other. When they come together, they bring together, in percentage terms, the masculinity and femininity to 50% respectively. They can therefore continue from here. Since the Soul only forms one whole here on earth, it becomes possible for both individuals to continue. Oof!!!

Relationship or not?

For individuals who have the full Soul within themselves, when they feel good about themselves, it is easier to go on alone. 50M-50F% within itself is comparatively easier to make a 100% opening to the Divine. It is a gift to them when they find a partner who is on an equal level but a burden when they themselves are higher or lower. It is important to know that many people have no interest whatsoever in spiritual development. This makes it difficult to find a "true spiritual partner" who is ready for himself. Then still, they must want to continue separately !!!

With twin souls, the most difficult part is to merge that 25-25% into the 50-50%. From then on they "always" have a relationship and the only aim, just like people with the full Soul within them, is to awaken in the "Divine Consciousness".

Eddy and Rita

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