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Twin soulship is just a label

We ourselves are not of box thinking. Yet it is necessary to appoint something to be able to talk about it. Naming something is just linguistic. How one experiences it has to do with the own feeling that one puts into it.

Nowadays people try to place everything under one heading. A Belgian is no longer Belgian. A Dutch person no longer a Dutch person. A German, no… We are all Europeans, we think that's a good idea. Let's just all be citizens of the world. No more distinction between nationalities, races, cultures, etc… One human soup, then one can live anywhere and get an income anywhere.

A good idea! Shall we scratch our nationality off our ID cards? Well, that is not possible because that is punishable. Countries where certain nationalities are banned do want to know where you are from. So that they can return you without delay.

Unity thinking

This is just one example where unity thinking is lost in the end. We live in a dual world in which people are constantly weighing one against the other. This is done to come to an understanding of something that is totally unknown. Once the subject is known, it no longer makes any sense to categorize it under a particular heading.

By known we therefore mean that there is no opposition to the subject. One then has a complete understanding of the subject itself.

Twin soul, soul mate, soul family

As a twin soul who is aware of our own twin soulship, we ourselves are nothing in naming our twin soulship. We live it, why should we name it? We do this to the outside world.

The twin soulship has been reduced to one great heap of misery by the many discordant stories. Many who believe they have met their twin soul use the miserable experiences to indicate that they are a twin soul.

To counterbalance it, we "must" make it clear that we are indeed talking about "twin soulship" and not a relationship in which misery is seen as evidence or even a necessity in the twin soulship.

Eddy and Rita

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