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When is one ready to teach spiritually?

Well, when are you ready to give spiritual education? One says that one is always ready and that one does not have to be perfect for it.

Another says that one has to be perfect for it and another says that one feels it when one is ready. There are still many opinions. Who is right, we just leave in the middle.

Turning water into wine

Turning water into wine. Most people know this statement. For those who don't know her, she comes from a story, the wedding of Cana, that is told by John in the Bible.

When Jesus' mother said, “They have run out of wine!” He responded rather harshly to her, “What do you want from me? My time has not yet come! ”. They will have discussed it together before. Mary thought her Son was ready and He didn't think so. Finally, Mary says to the servants, "Just do whatever He tells you to do, whatever it is!"

Why He directs the servants to fill pitchers with water to turn it into wine is not very clear. One moment He is not ready and the same day, he is. Did He do it to please His mother or to dispel the doubts of the first disciples who also attended the wedding? For his disciples could not continue to believe in him without a sign.

Turning water into wine is not nothing! But it is not a spiritual tour de force either.


Many people believe that one can turn water into wine through courses, initiations and affirmations from people who present themselves as guru. By means of a certificate one receives the confirmation that one has changed from an ordinary person (water) into a spiritual teacher (wine).


If we go back to the story about the wedding, we see that the revelers have already drunk a lot of wine. The wine was just finished. Most of the guests must have been quite hazy by now. They want even more wine, because they actually want to continue in this clouded state for a long time. In a clouded state one does not need to think about everyday worries. And what does Jesus do? He is going to provide them with wine so that they can remain in that state. Later He did not repeat this action.

When one is not ready to give spiritual instruction

If one is not ready to teach spiritually and still does it, one is going to keep people in an intoxicated state. This is not done by giving them wine but by making them believe that the misery they experience is there to learn from, that they are lessons of life. They are told to accept this. They are told to put off the ego. They are told to be humble. They are told that there is no human who has no problems and more things that just don't add up.

What one tells stems from the limited education that one has followed and especially from books by people who are not (yet) ready to give spiritual education. If one is not ready to give spiritual education, one continues to live in an intoxicated state. If one keeps others in that mist, one cannot get out of it. Making fogging a "seemingly normal state".

When one is ready

When one is ready to give spiritual education, one sees through all of the above and knows clearly that everything one needs is within oneself. All one "must" do is enter into oneself. One just needs to remember that one IS a spiritual being. Nobody can help you with that! It does not require education and books!

Eddy and Rita

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