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Serving God

When we decided to serve God we had no idea what this meant. We decided that we first had to discover what or who God really is.

We are not fully aware of this yet, but we can already guess a little bit what this means for us.

Just like you are going to work for an employer, you first try to find out what your possible tasks are and how you are going to fulfill them. So we started looking for the tasks that God has in store for us. But what are these tasks? And does God really have a job for each of us? These questions kept coming up. But God didn't speak up. In other words, "figure it out for yourself," and this seemed to us the best in connection with free will. Jihaa, God does not ask anything of us and we can fill in what we are going to do to serve. So very easy.

Do good and don't look back

Immediately after we met we looked at our life and saw that it was not right and we immediately knew "We need to do something about it." So gathering courage and going for it, a big leap into the deep unknown. We assumed that when the choices were right, everything went as it should be and indeed the problems that initially seemed so difficult disappeared like snow in the sun. Prove that trust in Divine intervention is warranted.

We have gradually experienced that Divine support is never far away and that we can ask God for help, yes even demand it. We found that you don't serve God by serving other people, that has nothing to do with it. You can of course, but then assume a genuine feeling of "Do good and don't look back." What we now experience as serving God has to do with our own life.

We do not have to give other people thoughts that they actually do not want or cannot accept themselves. All we can do is become aware of our own Divinity and live it. Thus we bring a stream of Peace, Joy and Love into our own lives and inevitably into the lives of others, affecting them by what we ourselves bring out. We don't even have to do anything for it. Very easy, because we are a bit lazy, so no hard work for us.

Serve God? Yes, please! We continue to explore how we can live 'Life' as it should, in the truest sense of the word.
Eddy and Rita

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