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Groundbreaking thinking

If one decides to live a more spiritual life, it is important to know that one "must" free one's own thoughts from the boundaries one has imposed on oneself.

"Self-imposed" is the correct phrase. Most people think that who or what one is currently has to do with the culture, family, friends, teachers, situations and experiences from the past and present, etc.

To a certain extent, this statement is correct, but the further one penetrates into spiritual thinking the more one feels that it is not at all correct. At that moment one has already lifted "thinking" to a more "elevated thinking". Does it stop here? Certainly not. The aim is to train oneself in groundbreaking thinking. In other words; all old propositions, patterns, apparent certainties, etc ..., should be examined and, depending on the insights, let go and / or be improved.

As one progresses in groundbreaking thinking, one also knows more and more clearly that one is responsible for what one thinks and the influence these thoughts have on one's own life. In our experience, this knowing is not enough. One must strive for the "Absolute Knowing" and this in combination with the feeling that one is most certainly on the right path, brings you into the true flow of life itself. A life in which only "God" or the "Absolute Spiritual" takes precedence over everything.

It's pretty easy. One brings oneself with one's own will to the point where one can leave everything to that "One Energy" that flows through everything. It is this "Energy" that then shows you the right way. That is the only way.

May you take the right path for yourself!

Eddy and Rita

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