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Spiritual cooperation

In daily life one has to deal with a competitive struggle anyway. This is sometimes so subtly present that it is not even noticed.

People always want to distinguish themselves from the other and they fight for that. This behavior we believe stems from the instinct that resonates in a lower consciousness. You also notice it in animals that live together in packs. They always compete for the highest place. When the leader becomes weak, another immediately rises to take the place.

In a relationship that resonates in a lower consciousness, these things also happen. Partners compete with each other but experience this battle as life lessons. Call them confrontational and think they are mirrors to each other. One, thinks the other is not doing well. That he or she sees things wrong. They try to outdo each other with the things they do best.

However, this attitude will never produce a higher consciousness. Partners who interact in this way hold each other in a lower consciousness than what is predestined for human beings. One may still think of oneself that one is very spiritual, but if there is no cooperation one will get nowhere. There will always be a haze of misunderstanding, ignorance.

Now we are not advocating a non-active relationship. In this way people can avoid each other, in this attitude there are no problems, everyone goes their own way. Let this not be the intention of a relationship.

How then does one achieve spiritual cooperation within the relationship?

Most people who are "spiritual" in some way try to improve themselves by reading books and / or taking courses and the like. These "forms" provide material for gaining experiences and possibilities for self-analysis. This analysis is necessary to come to a point where one can say goodbye to all the hindering things that keep them away from living in Truth. We notice that many people conduct this analysis in inner dialogues. These inner dialogues always have to deal with their own drawn boundaries, beyond these boundaries there is nothing more.

When one starts to use the instrument that is the relationship, one can push their own boundaries and those of the partner. There are still inner dialogues present, but these are all aimed at lifting oneself and the partner. These dialogues with themselves are reflected in the conversations with each other. They are aimed at the ultimate collaboration.

It is in these conversations that one can question each other for verification. In the beginning, this can be a bit difficult, after all, one cannot always be right, but the insights will gradually deepen. We also know that this way of interacting with each other requires effort, but the result is astonishing and extremely satisfying for both partners.

Both partners have the choice and the will to come to a divine, sparkling relationship together!

Eddy and Rita

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