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Twin souls: Spiritual maturity

In our insight One Eye we talked about the fact that both partners of a twin flame couple should reach a spiritual maturity even before they meet.

We notice that many people who think they have met their twin flame are far from ready for spiritual maturity. In itself this is no shame, every person should go his own way until a moment when one can leave all misery behind.

At that moment he / she consciously chooses something that is much higher and more joyful than what has been experienced up to that point. In this attitude spiritual maturity has found a way to draw both partners to itself. Both partners are brought together in one way or another and they just know that they should go through life together. Everything that could go wrong at that moment is unreservedly removed by the Divine.

Spiritual maturity means that you can live autonomously. In other words, you are aware of your own masculinity and femininity and have balanced them as far as possible. You are aware that there is a unity that will always support you, if necessary. When both partners are aware of this, they just know that they can resonate in oneness.

Eddy and Rita

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