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In the land of the blind, one-eyed is king

March 2011, on a campsite somewhere in Luxembourg. Few people, we go to the canteen. Also few people and we start talking with the camping owner. At one point he says: "You are a special couple!"

Of course the conversation goes out to twin souls. Oh, yes, I know that, he says, because I once had an experience with my twin soul, but that failed, etc ... The usual story of attracting and rejecting, etc ... He knew all about it because he had read seven books about it, in almost as many languages. We told him: "Why should you have to let go of your twin soul? When you meet your twin soul it is something very special." Yes, of course, he says, but you have to let go of each other in the long run. What nonsense we say and he insists that it should be that way because it is written in seven books.

Until at a certain point we say: "All well and good, you read it but we 'live' it!". He had no choice but to agree because he saw it with his own eyes and he felt the energy going from us to him.

What we want to say with this is the following; A lot of people read something and more about a certain subject and think they have or are what is written in those books and on the internet. Are going to put this out in their own words and even live it and the more drama the more other people love to hear it. They even start longing for it, until they are in misery! ??

When you meet your 'true twin soul', you know that you should go through life together. You do the processing with other people. A meeting with a processing buddy at a higher level may initially give you about the same feeling but is not meant to be together. In fact, there is no possibility to stay together!

True twin souls come together to set an example of the 'New Reality'. This requires a spiritual maturity of both of them, and that cannot be found in an attract and reject scheme.

Eddy and Rita

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