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The Soul and the physical existence

The question of what the Soul really represents and what She really is has been asked many times over the centuries and so far no complete answers have been formulated.

All descriptions reflect a little bit of what She could be. This makes the Soul one of the most exciting topics here on our planet. As a twin soul we experience that our collective Soul completely transcends our physical existence.

Man with his human thoughts tends to put himself in the foreground. The Soul is subordinated to physical existence. This is quite normal because people think and react from their own limitations. The deeper one has penetrated into matter, the more limited one lives. This has nothing to do with human intelligence because that too is limited. As a physical human being one thinks that one is the center of one's own existence and in a sense this is true.

If one does not place oneself at the center of one's existence one can never come to a higher understanding of who or what one really is. We live in a world where this is considered untidy. A little bit difficult situation. You want to see yourself as the most important person in your physical existence, but other people want you to consider them more important than yourself and you want to be more important in other people's lives than they consider themselves.

The relationship between soul and man

When we put all this aside for a moment and take a look at what role the Soul plays in all of this, one gets a completely different picture. Since the Soul resonates in the Divine, She naturally has more information than we as physical human beings. When one takes a look at the relationship between soul and human being and knows how to appreciate it, one comes a whole step further in the process that one goes through as soul in this body. One can do this by asking a simple question. Namely “What's more important; my Soul or my physical body? ”.

If one takes a look at all the information that can be found so far about the Soul, one can say that the Soul is the most important. Then why doesn't one behave like this? What prevents a person from starting to live according to what the Soul tells him to do? What can be so important outside the Soul that one always chooses for a limited life? A lot of questions that just cross our heads. Could it be that, based on limited thinking, one believes that the Soul is an extension of itself as a physical body?

What the Soul wants

The Soul wants to live here on earth, She wants to live God in these physical bodies. She wants to experience that a life here on earth is the highest that can be found in the entire Universe. It is impossible for the Soul to experience this when one as a physical human being makes oneself bigger or smaller than one's own Soul. Man IS his Soul and therefore ONE with all Souls.
Be so free to live from your Soul.

Eddy and Rita

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