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Twin souls in conflict situations

With astonishment we read on forums about twin souls that there are many who find themselves in conflict situations again and again.

Sometimes with themselves, the other time with the 'twin soul' (?). According to some, that would be the only criterion for recognizing oneself as a twin soul couple. Conflict situations always involve a battle, in which one wants to outdo the other. Mirrors are often spoken of in these situations, while there is nothing more than a power struggle.

Difficult for us to understand. Especially because we know and feel that the intention is that twin souls should become aware of the harmonizing power that emanates from God. It is only when they are fully aware of this that growth is possible.

It is an illusion to think that one can learn from conflict, reflection, or whatever. In fact, you can learn from mistakes, "that you better not repeat this mistake" and yet people let themselves be fooled again and again and then pride themselves on making mistakes in order to learn from them. In this way, these people keep going in circles.

Only when we live in harmony can we learn from each other and from ourselves. With twin souls who live in harmony, growth continues steadily. There is no jealousy among each other. Everything they do for themselves, they do for the other and therefore also for all humanity.

We believe it is impossible for true twin souls to continue to live in conflict or recurring conflict situations. The Divine energy brings twin souls together and pushes them towards a harmonious coexistence. And take it from us: it is not a boring affair.

Eddy and Rita

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