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Free will

Free will is an instrument that our human beings, as a physical being with consciousness, is allowed to use.

However, it only works in the duality consciousness. As long as one is in duality, free will will remain active. How one uses this instrument and whether one uses it has to do with the free will itself.

If one takes this into consideration for a moment, one can say that one as a person has been given a great freedom. Initially, it is necessary to become aware of that freedom so that one can use free will entirely at will.

Polarity, duality

Polarity is necessary to support all actions in matter, without polarity there is no movement in matter. Polarity has nothing to do with duality in our view. A vision in duality implies opposites, while polarity presupposes movement.

As an example we take the heart function, mechanically the heart has two activities; it sucks and propels. These actions are not dualities, they are two aspects of the same organ. One cannot do without the other, one cannot choose to have the heart suck or push it alone. This would render the heart inoperative.

By choosing one or the other in the duality consciousness, you put the Divinity (Christ) in yourself out of action. In the Unity Consciousness there is no duality, therefore free will is rendered inoperative.

Good and bad

In the duality consciousness one always makes a distinction between the opposites. We then speak of: something good or bad. One then brings in a separation. It is important to know that this is done of their own free will. One chooses to take a stand on the basis of one's own perceptions, feelings, experiences, conditioning.

Even with regard to free will, most people have formed an opinion. Most people feel that one should choose the right of their own free will, and yet many people do the opposite. Weird, isn't it? Or not?

To undertake

Spirituality requires entrepreneurial spirit. A lot of people find themselves in a situation where they are uncomfortable. They get angry because nothing has changed and express this anger in their environment. They feel that their environment should adapt to their thoughts and vision of what they believe life should "be". What they don't realize is that in their anger, sorrow, etc… they voluntarily feed the lower energies. These lower energies (people sometimes speak of evil, demons, satan, etc…) should only be present as long as they can serve.

The Divine uses "all" circumstances to move man to spiritual growth, including the workings of free will and "apparent evil." As long as the human being is in conflict, the lower energies will keep knocking at your door. The Divine does not have to knock, it is always present.

Once every human being is aware of his own "Divinity" the lower energies are automatically removed, they are then no longer fed by the "Self-Conscious People". They are no longer of any use. We have found ourselves in our entrepreneurial spirit that we always stay ahead of these low energies. As far as we are concerned, they no longer even exist.

God and free will

We have attuned our free will to expressing the "Christ" within ourselves. Nothing is more important to us. We even have a full-time job on it. It is in this attitude that we have found that free will is totally absent from the higher mind. In "awareness of Oneness" free will as an instrument is totally useless. You don't even have to choose anymore, you just do what comes in through inspiration.

What one could do (of their own free will)

Listen to your intuition. Sharpen your discernment so that you can see the difference between "True Inspiration" and that which comes from the lower energies. Living in harmony with God is really the easiest thing there is. Of your own free will tune in to God!

Eddy and Rita

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