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Do you write together?

We answered this question earlier in another insight of ours. In that insight we write about the work we put into it and why we do this. At the moment everything is much easier.

Write together?

Practically speaking, it is impossible to sit down and type at the keyboard together. So one of us does this. Because I (Eddy) had several sites about spirituality on the net before and had quite a bit of knowledge about how to build a site, it was only logical that I took on that task. This is still the case. I have always enjoyed writing.

When Rita read the texts I had written she said "They are beautiful texts and they are well written but I don't understand anything." So all the texts went off the net and we sat down together to write texts that she also understood. “If I understand, everyone understands! Because I'm just a simple person. ”: She always says. For myself as writing difficult things for a long time, this was quite an adjustment. Inside I felt that she was absolutely right.

Talking to each other leads to deep insights!

A writing talent is one thing, but gaining deeper insights is another. The talent to express deep insights in a simple way is given to Rita. Through our conversations we come together to deep insights, which usually come from Rita and I write them down. It's that simple. In the beginning I used to write difficult texts that we then talk about and where I then had to delete a lot. This hasn't been the case for a while. So everything goes much faster. Sometimes a text like this is written and discussed in half an hour.


Discussing, writing down and editing the topics so that a whole is created that still makes sense is only possible if both are in harmony with each other. We both have a vision on a subject and put these two together (the male rational vision and the female intuitive, spiritual vision) to arrive at a harmonious writing.

To be in harmony with each other one has to be in harmony with oneself, otherwise it will not work. To be in harmony means to have the masculine energies and the feminine energies within oneself in balance. Before I wrote this, we talked about these energies and that it is important to have insight into them. When one has these insights, one can, as a couple, bring the collective energies and talents together to create something that can be nourishing, first of all for oneself and then for others as well.

Understanding the feminine and masculine

Simply, the purely masculine is more focused on the rational and the purely feminine on the intuitive, spiritual. Put both together and something beautiful arises.

Key lock

So, while typing, we (Rita and I) have already discussed a few things, now I (Eddy) read the text to Rita. We talk about it for a while and then see if something needs to be removed or something can be added. Then he goes online.


We have discussed and corrected this text. There were some additions and some omissions. It is important to us that the harmony is tangible for both of us. Only then can the text be published.

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Eddy and Rita

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