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Soul and Suffering

Many people think in their "smallness" that they are here on earth to allow the Soul to experience suffering. By "smallness" we mean that the Soul lives in the "Infinite" and the human being is only present here on this planet for a few years.

Each Soul is a member of the "Supreme Divine." She is "Immutable", Her sole purpose is to manifest the "Divine" that She carries within Here on Earth to the deepest possible layers of existence. Because the human being is an expression of Her, She gives a "constant impetus" to the individual, to put the individual back on the path to the "Unity Consciousness".

Most people think they have to teach the Soul something. In reality it is the other way around. Man, however, resists this and ends up "irrevocably" in suffering.

Suffering stems from man's resistance to living his "True Nature" here on Earth. He "believes" to be separate from his "Divine Nature." Yet, no matter how hard he tries, he "cannot" break free from this "Divine Nature."

When at the deeper levels of existence, man is aware of his "Divine Nature" he can experience "nothing" other than the "Joy" that accompanies it. The suffering of being separated is then completely absent.

Living according to the Soul is the best way to put "Your-Self" here on earth.

Eddy and Rita

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