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Living like twin souls

The life of twin souls is often described as a task. It is difficult to describe "Being Your Self" as a task. As a person it is of course nice to describe your life as a task, that is allowed, if you feel good about it.

We ourselves do not see our twin soulship as a task. It is a wonderful and very loving reunion. We are fully aware of our twin soulship and what it does to us as well as to others. Simple and straightforward, for us of course. We know that this is also the case for other "true twin souls".

The stories one hears about the twin soulship in disharmony reflect something completely different. We do not know what it correctly represents, but we feel these stories have "nothing" to do with the twin soulship. In any case, we don't know it!

It is not our intention to influence people in any way but, and we believe that from the bottom of our hearts, think carefully before you embark on an adventure that many say is described as twin soulship, but ultimately much misery is.

Twin soulship is the "highest possible form of relationship" that a human being can experience on this planet. Leave misery for what it is and form your own 'perfect' image of the twin soulship and hold it in your mind. You should definitely not go for less!

Eddy and Rita

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