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Emotions in the twin soulship

Gosh, emotions? What can we tell about it?


Not much really! Before we met at the age of 47 - now in 2020, 15 years ago - we, just like everyone else, knew 'burdensome' emotions. One of us was more aware of it than the other and has also done a lot in the field of alternative care. The other was not so busy with it, but made sure that all the time was filled with activities, so that emotions did not have to be thought about.

And suddenly we got to know each other and all previously experienced, and also lived through emotions melted like snow in the sun. It was a "very strange feeling" then! One day you have a difficult time emotionally, and the next there are no more 'burdensome' emotions that can hinder you. As if those 'stressful' emotions had simply been removed. It is still the case today. We no longer suffer from 'burdensome' emotions.

We see that people struggle with their emotions, but we know that that struggle can end if they want to!

We know that not everyone has a physical twin flame. If you feel and know that you have the entire soul to yourself, you have no excuse to say, "yes, but it is easy for you, there are two of you." Because on your own you can reach the same level where 'stressful' emotions no longer affect you, even more easily.

People who "believe" they have met their twin soul, and are experiencing it "for a long time" emotionally, have every reason to wonder whether that "specific person" is indeed their "true twin soul"!

Eddy and Rita

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