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Twin soulship: "Romantic?"

It seems that when talking about twin soul ship, romance is a dirty word.

❤Many people who think they know or have something to say about the twin soul ship get angry at the thought that there is even a little romance involved. Romanticism, according to people who dislike it, would be detrimental to the spiritual growth of twin souls. Miss, kitty! ❤

Now let romance be one of the strongest triggers here in this world. It is not for nothing that so much romance is used in stories, songs and films. Romantic stories, songs and films give only a tiny bit of what man's deepest desire is. Just a tiny bit? Yes, certainly, because romance shows you what your "deepest desire" is. You long for added value in your life. You long for a higher way of living in which "you" are the center. You long for the… ”Divine”! You want to be "Divine"! You want to be treated like a god / goddess by your partner and you want to treat your partner that way too! ❤

❤What could be better than experiencing and even cultivating that “Divine” together with someone? What's wrong with romance in a relationship that one should be able to experience as the "most beautiful"? Why is romance so disgusted in a twin soul relationship? Is it to do with jealousy or is it believed that twin souls have no right to romance? It's a mystery to us! ❤

❤ When we look around at other couples, we see little romance in their relationship. Some do make an effort to keep up appearances, but we see that it is 'lost effort'. They often see with us what they themselves experience as romanticism. Try to imitate it but after a short while they do not make any more effort to keep up this appearance. They will not succeed for a longer period of time!? ❤

❤Romanticism for us? We make no effort! It is the most normal thing in the world, but 'still' our lives consist 100% of romance. This is reflected in everyday things. Romance, for example, is about surprising each other with little things; like holding a door open for the other, giving the jam, making a sandwich for each other, writing texts together, sharing insights (very important!), discussing everything together (also very important !!), not having 'secrets' for each other (yet more importantly !!!), caring for each other (the most important !!!!) The least of the least sharing is "Pure Romance"! ❤

❤ We are never, if we really shouldn't, be out of sight for longer than 10 minutes. Could it be more "romantic" or could it be a little more? Romance and spiritual growth "don't" go together ??? ❤

Twin soulship: “Romantic?”. Yes of course! How could it be otherwise! ❤ Let it be just THAT what our Soul wants to experience here on earth! Love, Romance, Togetherness, Oneness, experiencing the “Supreme”, here on this planet! As a twin soul, we bring these beautiful qualities to the very deepest layers! ❤

❤ Loving, "Romantic" greeting,

Eddy ❤ and Rita ❤ XXXXXXXXXXX

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