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The workings of the Soul

We do not intend to try to explain the workings of the Soul in a scientific way. It is our intention to explain in a simple way how the workings of the Soul affect our physical existence here on earth.

You can think of the Soul as an "energetic field" that pervades matter and the cosmos through which She is connected to "All That Is". "Your Soul can" never "separate itself from the big picture."

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Soul's intention to find Herself here on Earth by means of experiences and / or suffering. It is Her intention to express the "oneness" - of which She is fully aware and also lives in the invisible - in Her physical presence here. This is so for "every Soul"!


Twin souls, however, have an extra, they "have to" get it done with two. When they live according to the Soul, they express the "harmony" that is present in the invisible in the Soul in matter. "As above, so below". Expressing this "harmony" is "a piece of cake" to them. Of course, when they meet and start living together, they "must" say goodbye to "all" conditioning. However, that can never last long. For example, we threw out the negative conditioning of 47 years in a few months. Everything had to be removed. When you are in the "right stream" and this is the case for "everyone", you will receive the help of the entire "Divine Kingdom" for this. You just have to ask, it is already there before you ask.

This course of events is already established in the Soul, even before the incarnation in both individuals. The Soul "requires" both individuals to form one whole in matter, so that It can fully do Her work. It is certain in the Soul that "true twin souls" will go through life together in the physical. It is established in the "thinking" of twin souls that they "can never" attain a "Higher Life" by means of a life in disharmony with the twin soul. Such a life is way too low. Disharmony means being physically separated from each other. Even when people live together in disharmony, there is separation on "all levels of existence."

Information from both worlds

True twin souls both bring information that is divided here on earth into masculine matter and feminine soul life. They "must" come together in the physical to pool their own insights in order to grow into a "Higher Consciousness." The moment they have made the connections through communication and have come back to one whole, they are also able to continue. This can never occur when a twin soul couple is not physically living together. Only in "being together physically" do they create an intimacy (exchange) that one cannot find in any way with others.

Purification of the Soul?

Many people live in the childlike assumption that through purification they can bring their Soul to a "Higher Plan". The truth is that the Soul "always" lives on a "Higher Plan." The idea of ​​purification exists only in the repressed human mind. The "suppressed human thinking" believes that it can elevate itself by letting the Soul experience what, according to that same thinking, it does not know (suffering).

Giving life

All the Soul does is "give life" to the current individual. Past lives are stored in a field (psychic or morphogenetic field) that all individuals together have "created" themselves. Only the "spiritual true thoughts" are stored in a "Higher Conscious Field". In a subsequent incarnation, the Soul will "try" to bring the individual back to this higher field of consciousness. So that the individual can evolve from there to an "even" Higher Plan.

If the individual "does not listen" to the "promptings of the Soul", the individual will take all promptings and thoughts out of the psychic / morphogenetic field, causing him / her to keep going in circles and making "nowhere" progress. Thus, in the absence of "Divine Insights", the individual is always in suffering !?

Eddy and Rita

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