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Characters of twin souls

Each individual has its own character, a large part of this is already present from birth and the rest is filled in by the living environment, upbringing, relationships, etc ...

The innate part inherited in the original split of the twin soul is the same in both people and remains unchanging through the ages. The differences only form during life itself, due to external influences. In a twin soul couple one sees that the characters do not get in the way at all before, during and after the meeting.

As long as the individuals live separately and do not yet know about each other, it happens that third parties find that these people are quite difficult in dealing with others. They are often loners and quite strong in character, so that they often have difficulty "keeping up". It can happen that one person takes a fairly dominant or selfish position and that the other keeps his / her opinion to himself / herself. This is due to the backlash of the energies. Their character traits can alternate, depending on the situation in which they find themselves individually.

In retrospect, when the individuals of a twin flame are together and one reviews past behaviors, one can see the periods when one is dominant and the other is more compliant overlapping. Even in those periods the innate character traits are exchanged with each other. Thus they can develop in the most favorable energy, direction converge.

When the twin flame comes together, their characters are instantly balanced and there is only a "common" character. The characteristics of these people merge into each other, so that both see each other as filling each other's shortcomings and refining each other's "more difficult" sides. This happens without them being bothered or having difficulty with it, rather it is experienced as pleasant because of the simple fact that these people now make decisions together. And if necessary, being able to solve problems in a simple way, where previously the lack of the other half always counteracted. The life questions they previously struggled with are answered in a simple and fast way in their communication with each other.

Because the characters overlap, there is no problem in choosing hobbies, sports, common interests, etc… Everything becomes a joint activity without annoying themselves or each other.

To the outside world these people change in the sense that everything they do or say must contribute to their joint growth and the harmonization of the whole.

Eddy and Rita

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