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The efficacy of ideas and philosophies

In our insights we always emphasize that ideas, theories and philosophies must be so simple, so logical that they can be applied in everyday life. One should not be able to get a pin in between, as it were. If you can, throw out everything you think you should know and think you should share with the world.

We recently read an article in which the author states that there are no wrong choices. Every choice you make is the right one at the time. Because even if it is not the right choice, you learn from it and that should lead to a higher consciousness. We think this is just alternative gibberish in which one wants to ease the pain of that 'not-yes-wrong' choice.

Not-yes-wrong choices?

Sometimes writers want to spare and appease the reader. Choices are made throughout life, so why shouldn't there be wrong ones? If you keep on falling for the wrong partners and keep bringing them in, you don't listen carefully to your own hunches. One simply makes a wrong choice based on some feeling that one cannot live without another and that a wrong partner is better than no partner.

Isn't it better for you to admit that you keep making wrong choices than to appease yourself with the idea that you can't make wrong choices? Perhaps you are meant to stay alone for a while, so that you can put your own life in order. After all, wrong partners like easy victims. By believing that one cannot make the wrong choices, one puts oneself up for sale again and again.

Semi-soft, alternative propositions

There are a lot of semi-soft, alternative propositions that make sense at first sight, but on closer inspection have no value whatsoever. For example, there is an (alternative?) statement that says that there is no right or wrong. What is right for one person is wrong for another and vice versa. So the right-wrong duality is relative. It is often added in the same breath that the Universe does not judge. This statement rattles from all sides.

We live in a dual world that resonates within a Universe that people know nothing about. That the Universe does not judge is simply taken over from each other. If you ask for an explanation, nobody knows what to say anymore. Some guru once said it, and one takes it into one's own thinking without 'thinking'.

Safe, soothing environment

Many people who move in the alternative (spiritual?) are only out to make you feel good. They write articles and books and make it appear that what they say is true. They lure you into their nets with faint, woolly descriptions and will defend you against the nasty, angry wolves they say are out to lure you away from them. They are gentle healers who make stinking wounds by claiming that there are no wrong choices, that it can all be there and that you must embrace your dark sides.

The truth is, it can't all be there, nor are there any dark sides to embrace. There are, however, wrong choices, choices that people have made in the past in a lower consciousness. Daring to admit they were wrong can be emotionally tough but at the same time liberating.

Don't let anyone fool you! Ask what they mean. It is a wrong choice, to allow everything without thinking for yourself, without asking, into your thinking!

Those who want to grow spiritually "must" question everything!

Eddy and Rita

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