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Unconditional love

Unconditional Love is the most "Divine Attribute" of the Soul.

The Soul is the life-giving and guiding aspect of the human being. Without taking the Soul into account, it is "impossible" for man to come to "Unconditional Love".

Energy God

When the Soul descends into a fetus, life is immediately present. This is the first moment that "Unconditional Love" is present within this creature. This is the case for all living beings, including animals. It is the "Energy God" who breathes life into all living beings and all creation.

The Soul of the animals indicates that they must live by instinct. They also feel love towards other beings. Since the animal lives lower in vibration and cannot reason, they live in a completely different way from humans. Each animal has a different way of life that is inspired to them via the Soul, by the "Divine Intelligence". They have to make do with that.

Man is the supreme being here on earth. Man has always been intended to live according to "Divine Inspiration through the Soul." Because the Soul is in direct contact with the "Energy of God," man will initially "always" be Divine. The most natural state of man is "Unconditional Love or Life".

Living in illusion

Because most people are not aware of this 'Unconditional Love' and the position It occupies in everyone's life, a spiritual poverty arises that one tries to fill with matter (lower thoughts, possessions, money, power, etc.) . In this exaggerated attention to matter, man creates his own life without taking into account what, whether or not, is nourishing for his "own spiritual life."

This creates an illusionary world, which is only filled in by matter and material thoughts, which are fully supported by the psychic field, which in itself is also an illusion created by man himself. In this way this illusion gains even more power and "seems" to become more and more reality.

Can one learn to love unconditionally?

"Unconditional Love" is a quality that one "cannot" learn. This Love just IS. One can become aware of it. It's just as normal as breathing. If you don't pay attention to your breathing, you don't even know you're doing it. When you stop breathing you turn blue and you fall over.

When you are aware of the fact that you are "really LIVING" within you, you are also aware of the "Unconditional Love" that flows through you. This "Love Energy" is always present, whether you are aware of it or not. This is the "Christ" in every person.

Twin souls?

It is said that twin souls must learn "Unconditional Love" with each other. That is pure nonsense.

When a twin soul pair comes together, the two halves of the Soul fuse, energetically, and form again that one whole that always belongs together in the "Divine Whole". This experience gives an indescribable sensation to both individuals.

The love that one "wanted" to share and experienced with former partners and one could not "share" is immediately and fully manifested in the coming together with the "own other half". A "True Twin Soul" should make no effort to "Love Unconditionally" the other half. This Love is simply present and comes into the consciousness of "both" "immediately."

People with the full Soul

People who have the entire Soul to themselves are perfectly capable of penetrating the "consciousness" of "Unconditional Love." They have then united and ennobled the two aspects (masculine and feminine energy) and feel the "Unconditional Love" within themselves. This is valuable enough because by becoming aware that this "Supreme Love" is within, It will flow through to all of the world and its environs.


Whatever is said or claimed, "Unconditional Love" is "never" directed at other beings. This Love that comes directly from the "Supreme Energy" is directed solely at each individual being. It is only meant to give Life to every being and "for their own use only." The moment one can truly "Live Unconditional Love", this Love Energy flows for the Entire Universe.

"Unconditional Love" is "not a verb", it is the Supreme and the most "Natural State of BEING"!

Eddy and Rita

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