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Unconditional Love in practice

In this insight we write that "Unconditional Love" cannot be learned. It is a "Divine Energy" that one can only become aware of.


In Christian doctrine, but also in other religions, charity is the highest good. By practicing charity one should be able to develop a loving community. Master Jesus said the following about this: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself!"

Which immediately invites us to ask the following questions. What if you don't love yourself? How do you then come to love your neighbor? Is it not evident that one first learns to love oneself?

Unconditional Love in practice

Master Jesus was a Man who could put "Unconditional Love" into practice. He lived completely in the "Divine Consciousness." The greatest demonstration of "Unconditional Love" He gave on the cross when He said, "Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!" And indeed his executioners did not know what they were doing, otherwise they would never have killed Master Jesus and / or any being.

Master Jesus looked directly into the Souls of all people and knew perfectly in what consciousness they lived and what shortcomings were present. Yet He loved them so much because He knew that these people too were children of God. Therefore, He could ask the Father (Divine Energy) to forgive them for these transgressions.

We have such a light blue suspicion that there is not a single person on this planet who can apply "Unconditional Love". Many people speak and / or write about "Unconditional Love" as if it were the most normal thing in the world. One speaks about feeling "Unconditional Love" for one particular being (human, animal). If one chooses one being to love, one can no longer speak of "Unconditional".

The unconditional is lost in the 'preference'. "Unconditional Love" is aimed at the Whole, not just one being.

God IS "Unconditional Love"

Given the recent horrific events. Given the suffering people are inflicting on themselves, each other, animals and this planet, one can ask oneself where to find God in these tragedies.

God never judges! God only gives Life and Life is Love!

This is THE example of "Unconditional Love". God will never stop "anyone" from doing anything, even if these actions go against all "Divine Laws."

Man is created in His image and has the same attributes to bring forth the "True Divine" that is within himself. If man does not "want to" apply this, he will stray even further from his "True Destiny" and "Unconditional Love" remains far beyond everyone's reach.

Love for yourself

Even love for yourself can "never" be unconditional. There are always elements that could be improved. If it is not physical, it is in the thinking, in the feeling, in the experience, in the knowing. A sense of deficiency is necessary to stimulate a person to learn to understand himself and to seek the "Supreme Experience" of "Unconditional Love". This pursuit encourages people to love themselves more and to let this love flow. In this way, one is a beacon of love that channels nourishing energy to the "Whole."

Eddy and Rita

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