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Communication with the Soul

Every being with a consciousness has, by nature, the ability to communicate with the Soul.

Animals living in a level of consciousness that is lower in vibration, receive impulses from the Soul that respond to instinct. Humans live, or should live, in a higher vibration than animals. They therefore have more possibilities to communicate with each other and with the Soul.

Natural fact

Whether one is aware of it or not, communication with the Soul is always there. This only stops when you discard the body you now live in. Communication with the Soul is therefore just as natural as breathing. If one doesn't pay attention to the breathing, it seems like one isn't doing it. This is also how it works with communication with the Soul.

It is not because communication with the Soul is a natural fact that one should not practice it. Initially one can practice by paying attention to promptings, impulses, thoughts, feelings, sensations that one receives. One can try to distinguish between what comes from the Soul and what does not. Everything that comes from the Soul is aimed at bringing your own life into harmony. So if you are in a situation that is out of harmony with yourself, your Soul will approach you in a way that suits you "right now".

This way, in times of need and when you are completely lost the pedals and thoughts flash through you - that it is enough and that it is best to put an end to it - you can get the thought that it is best to wait a while to step out of this life. The Soul then indicates to you that something beautiful will come your way.

The Soul will always indicate that it is better not to deal with unnatural matters that cause one to get into trouble again and again.

Strengthen communication with the Soul

Insights about the position that the Soul naturally occupies in its own life is necessary to strengthen communication. It is absolutely not necessary to submit oneself to the Soul. That is not the aim of the Soul. Its only aim is to inspire a new individual over and over again. So that this individual can live the Soul Life here on earth without 'yes but'.

One can strengthen communication with the Soul by paying close attention to all but all promptings that seem important. It is important for twin souls that they discuss these promptings with each other. For them it is not enough that they just continue on the feeling. It is necessary for them to consider together the information they each receive for themselves. It is very important to them that they discuss with each other whether the information they receive comes from the Soul or whether this information is provided from the psychic field. In this way they can both strengthen contact and communication with the Soul. This is certainly no sinecure and requires the total commitment of both of them, and the will to strengthen and further expand communication with each other and the common Soul.

Learning from the Soul or teaching the Soul?

Each individual is meant to learn from the Soul! Here on Earth, priorities are often changed. The idea that one is here to teach the Soul how this world works, is taking up more and more place. In this attitude one will move further away from the Soul, as a result of which communication is more difficult and one will live even more in disharmony.

If one thinks logically for a moment, one finds that the idea that one is here to let the Soul learn is quite short-sighted and that it shows little insight as to the workings of the Soul.

Suppose you believe that you as a person reincarnate over and over again and that you end up in the same unpleasant situations over and over again, in every life, but that the Soul needs you to learn from this.

Isn't it time then to ask yourself if the Soul is stubborn, that She allows every individual She gives life to experience the same misery over and over again? Then it seems as if the Soul is sadistic?

Does the Soul then have nothing else to do?

A Soul that has already guided thousands of individuals through a lifetime on Earth has better things to do. The idea that She has to experience the same thing over and over again throughout those many lifetimes to learn from, comes from the "own limited thinking" that is set for a life of about 70/80 years. This while the Soul may know incarnation in this world for millions of years. Uh? Where is one then with limited thinking?

From limited thinking one can 'never' come to an open communication with the Soul!

Eddy and Rita

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