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Psychic realm or field

In several insights we write about the "psychic realm or field". It helps to know how it works if you want to live less under its influence.

Insights about the psychic field

For example, in the story "The Way to the Higher Consciousness Field", we write about what the psychic realm does when one decides to move on to a "Higher Thinking". In "So-called Twin soulship = milking out", it is described how people themselves, usually unconsciously, continue to support the psychic field from the "thought" that one is doing well. There are more insights describing the workings of the psychic realm, to be found on our site. In this insight, we are going to describe how the psychic realm originated and how it manifests on this planet.

Psychic realm?

If you search for the word "rich", you will find the synonym "state". Which means: "A" state "is a hierarchical political organization that exercises authority over a population, legitimized by some form of law, enforced with a monopoly on the use of force."


Political ideas and their enforcement is something that springs from the human mind. Justifying violence by an empire or state is something that also applies in the psychic realm, for the simple reason that the psychic realm is a "creation of man himself." Someone who consciously or unconsciously puts himself at the service of this realm finds it "very normal" that one must learn through "negative experiences". By "glorifying negative experiences" one violates "oneself and others". As a result of which one simply cannot advance to the "Unity Consciousness".

Origin of the psychic realm or field

The psychic realm originated in a period when people practically no longer had any idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir own "Divinity". They just did something, with the result that they started to exclude the "Divine".

Previously, all the information one needed was present in everyone's Soul. People lived in Harmony and Love for the "Divine Truth". "Divine Truth" denotes a "Natural, Harmonious, Energetic State of Being" that will still and always be present in every human being. In this "State of Being" there was / is no place for disharmony, so one must find another place to store information. In his pride and the power of creation, man has created his own "disharmonious - or psychic field".

This "discordant, negative field" hangs like a heavy blanket over all humanity. In this field is all the information that gives man the "illusion" that it is "good to live in violence" and that one can "even learn from it to become a valuable, loving, spiritual person." ? Unfortunately this does not work. There should be many more loving people in the meantime.

In fact, we should all be living in "Divine Consciousness" for a long time.

What is the power of this psychic realm or field?

This question was answered quickly. It has "no" power at all! It only has the power that one "self" gives to it. By choosing to live in disharmony, one gives one's "own energy" to something that is not worth it.

This field is non-existent even to him / her who gives "no" attention to it. Yet each of us has to deal with it in times when things are not going well.

When one is aware of this one can get rid of this and focus on the "Divine Energy" that is always available "IN" each individual. This energy is "Divine Intelligence at Work" and is always Upbuilding, Positive, Nourishing and free from all disharmony.

Power of thought

The energetic power of thought is very strong. Power of thought is even faster than sound or light. One can use one's "own power of thought" to "neutralize" the negative thinking emanating from the psychic realm with "Divine Thoughts". It is really in control! That's what you are creator for!

Eddy and Rita

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