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The way to the Higher Consciousness Field

If you want to penetrate into the "Higher Consciousness Field" you will "have to" go through the psychic field ".

During the journey through the psychic field you will encounter many temptations. It is a bit like a large market where the sellers advertise and want to sell you everything, sometimes in an aggressive way. For example, many people come home with "inferior things" that they actually do not need.

Many people become addicted to the psychic field. They walk from one stall to another and find everything "oh, so interesting". They buy all kinds of things to open a stand themselves. They even receive messages that they link to some celebrity from the past. That these messages have been known for a long time and all resemble each other does not bother them. A name such as Jesus, Mary, St-Germain, aliens, star peoples, etc… should prove the authenticity of the message, while this is "unverifiable" at all.

In the psychic field one should not be too choosy and too critical. You just have to take it for truth. Because there are so many people and so much confusion, people generally stay around this market for a very long time. The thought is; that the longer you walk around this market, the more you buy, the higher the price, the more stalls you visit, the more you offer yourself in your own stall, 'the higher you rise in consciousness'.

On to the Higher Consciousness Field!

Someone who is starting to become a little aware of "Himself" observes all this with a critical eye. Because this awareness in "Your-Self" is totally new to you, you try to tell the salespeople and also the customers that there is a different higher way of life. They just laugh at you and buy more stuff to be able to offer even more. At some stalls you are even chased away because the sellers do not want to lose their customers.

After a while, you stop bothering and follow your own path across the market where you are harassed by the sellers because they want to lure you to their booth. However, you know that you should certainly not let yourself be stopped and that you "have to" cross the market. Your gaze is fixed on the gate to the "Higher Consciousness Field". This gate is guarded by guards appointed from the psychic realm.

The closer you get to the gate the more aggressive the guards are. They don't want you to go in the direction of this gate. Everyone must and will stay in this colorful market! Someone who is stubborn and has a great ego goes on undaunted and finds that these guards belong to the "illusions of the psychic realm." They don't even exist.

Through the gate

You can only pass through this gate when you are "totally naked." You cannot take anything from the psychic field. The smallest misleading thought can keep the gate closed to you. "The key is to let go of everything," otherwise you won't get in.

When you have reached the gate, you will feel the "Divine Warmth" coming towards you. This feeling, even if you are alone, will give you a 'great security'. You feel the burden of the psychic field falling off. The thoughts of letting go would have caused you fear in the past and now, standing in front of the gate, give you a 'joyful feeling'.

The more packages you drop, the more confident you become. The moment you drop the 'last package', the gate opens for you and you step happily and joyfully alone into the infinite 'Divine Space' where the 'True Life' of 'Human', as it 'was 'is,' can be lived '. From this position there is only "even Higher, Better, Easier, Happier and More Joyful".

Eddy and Rita

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