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"So-called" twin soulship = milking out

We know that the above cannot simply be claimed without any explanation. There are a number of elements that come into play that need an explanation.

To begin with, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that more and more people believe that they have "met" their twin soul. It's cool to be able to say you know him / her. Less cool are the negative experiences, but yes, according to many, you should add that. 'It's supposed to be like this'.??? Disagreement, suffering, attraction-rejection, disharmony, etc… are according to many the true characteristics of the twin soulship.

Lower energies (further indicated by le.)

If you are working with awareness you know that there are le. who want to keep you from living your-Self the way you are supposed to live it. So in harmony and unity. This le. exist only by the grace of people who consciously or unconsciously continue to feed the le. This le. would simply no longer exist if everyone stopped feeding them. This le. are always out to keep people suffering. This le. continue to exist through the energy - released through suffering - of people. The le. are not very subtle in their manipulations and work in a very simple way. Which makes most people 'don't believe' that this is how it works. People 'think' that there is more to it.

Feminine energy

The le. prefer to make use of the feminine energy. This one is more powerful and easier to manipulate. The feminine energy has a natural need to rise to the "Supreme Source." This makes her the most suitable for being milked out. If you are looking for stories about twin souls, it is usually a 'women' or a men - who is most in the feminine energy - who write about it. It is also the feminine energy that bites into a so-called twin soulship, even though the other 'denies' that they are a twin soul. Through this 'denial', the person (who is most in the feminine energy) who persists, ends up in suffering, so that he / she can be easily milked out again. He / she would like an explanation for that suffering and the negative emotions that accompany it. Then the twin soul coaches and therapists come up.

Twin Soul Coaches and Therapists

Usually these people are in a slightly higher energy than the people who come to them for a treatment. Usually their intentions are good (hopefully anyway). Along with the number of people who recognize themselves as a twin soul with another, the number of coaches and therapists will of course increases sharply. It's a bit like a large landowner used to be. The more land and animals, the more supervisors they needed.

The coaches and therapists "must ensure" that one surrenders to the negative current so that one gives his / her energy to the le through suffering. They have different channels and information available to adapt their task to the needs of the le. to be carried out.

One of these is writing articles about the twin soulship. These articles give more than 90% negative information that makes one "think it is normal" to suffer in the twin soulship, one would "get to know oneself better" and one learn to become a "better person".??? The other 10% is a bombastic, romanticized, woolly description that no one understands. Nobody believes that he / she is able to reach that 'level' (that 10%) and they prefer to focus on the negative, so that the person who is suffering gets a lot of attention and support (as a reward) in the suffering. The reward for the coaches and therapists consists of money and prestige. They think they are "doing a good job" and that their "help is justified" when a lot of people come to them for a treatment. In reality, you pay them to give your energy to the lower.

These coaches and therapists themselves also remain in suffering (for years?), As a result of which they also give their energy again and again to the lower. They also only feel good when they can treat others. With each client they get 'extra' energy again to continue and to give it to the le. That's also why they feel bad when they don't get clients. They say their intention is to empower others (and they mean it) but they need others who 'suffer' to feed themselves energetically.

What is really happening? The client takes over some of the therapist's energy, making the client feel good, only to go back into suffering after a short while. The coach, therapist feels empty and is waiting for the next client, so that the coach, therapist can feel good again for a moment. So it continues with giving and taking to finally give 'everything' to the le.

In this way there is no energy left for 'anybody' to 'elevate' themselves' to a 'Higher Plan'!


We also realize that people will be angry about what they are reading now. This is quite normal. If you long for a "higher life" and find yourself "used" by something so low all this time, you can't help but get angry. There will also be people who are angry with us, that is also normal. Do not direct your anger at the messengers and use your energy to elevate yourself above what does not belong in a "Natural Experience" of being human!

Ask yourself

It is in our "true human nature" to "elevate" us to the "Supreme Source"! 'You know this' when you are working with awareness in one way or another! There is only "one" question you should ask yourself when you are in a disharmonious so called twin soulship. Namely: "Can I and do I want to experience 'this' in 'this way' throughout my whole life?"

Eddy and Rita

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