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Heaven bearers

This insight could be an addition to our insight 'Lightworkers'. In this insight we seemingly take a sharp look at 'lightworkers' who present themselves as such without having lit their own light.

The name "lightworker" dates from the last century and has lost much of its strength at the time. "Lightworkers" were needed to incite others to spirituality. Meanwhile, a lot of people are busy in one way or another to become proficient in "Higher Thought". People who still call themselves lightworkers but have no work now have the opportunity to work their way up to "Heaven Bearer".

In fact, everyone gets the chance to become 'Heaven bearer'!

The "Hathors" like to speak of "Heaven bearers." Being a "Heaven bearer" means that you have solved your own problems and can live a carefree life. You are an example to others. In this way you are a pillar of support for the "New World".

As a "lightworker" you were urged to work on others. As "Heaven bearer" you carry "The Light" with you and you radiate this peace and energy to others. Without you having to do anything for it yourself, others will try to match you. As a result of which they can also evolve into 'Heaven bearer'. You don't have to work on them, they do it themselves. That is also the purpose of spiritual growth.

Eddy and Rita

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