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We like to surf from time to time to the sites where people present themselves as lightworkers.

We then read how they describe themselves and look at their photo (s). It is striking that with most light workers only one night light is on. Their lamp is broken or they don't know where the switch is. They only present what they have learned or read. Unfortunately, this is only a dim light, because they themselves do not live the wisdom they bring.

Many people who present themselves as lightworkers still have problems they 'forget' to solve. They want to empower others while struggling to get out of bed themselves. All well meant of course. You see this more and more. Recently we went to someone who has a reputation in the 'spiritual field', she 'accidentally' mentioned that people praised her because she is beaming, she continued with: "They should know how I feel inside ???" Unfortunately, many people allow themselves to be caught by those pretending.

Due to the heightened energies coming to us and everyone else in this beautiful world, high sensitivity will be given to even more people, even those who are not into 'spirituality' and small children, they will immediately feel that something is not right . In this way, more and more people will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and more and more 'lightworkers' will be left lonely and alone. We see this as a natural and necessary process.

A fair and upright society does not need fakers who do not bother to put their own lives in order. They will inevitably fall through the basket and in that way get a lot of time to work on themselves.

What happened in the past is completely unimportant in this one. It is here AND NOW that counts!

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Eddy and Rita

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