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Guardians from the psychic realm

In this insight we write, in a story, about what one encounters before arriving at the gate to a "Higher Consciousness". The story is a metaphor from which the reader can deduce how he / she experiences it in his / her "own way".

The gate is narrow

Every individual will experience that the gate is narrow if he / she wants to go through it. One must be very aware of the fact that one must leave behind everything that belongs to matter. It is also not possible to take other people with you.

By leaving behind is not meant to renounce the body or other material things that support the body. To think so results in a childlike attitude that plunges the individual into an illusion of poverty. Logical thinking and taking into account the needs of the body is necessary in this. Leaving or letting go is done in thoughts and feelings. Physical letting go comes later to a total understanding of what letting go means.


We also speak of guards who make sure that no one will pass through the gate. These guards do not only manifest themselves in the energetic, so invisible, but can also manifest themselves in the material.

These guards are found in all layers of humanity. In this way they can take on all kinds of tasks in the material world. It is very striking that they always hold a position that has to do with some form of power over others. They appropriate this power to themselves. Others who have not yet taken their own position and usually cannot and / or do not want to think for themselves, these guards confirm their position, giving them even more strength.

These guards are usually encountered where many people come together, physically or otherwise. The guards are trained in their task by their "own negative experiences" from the past and present. In their minds they usually go no further than that they are doing good by warning the sheeps they take under their care (even if people don't ask for it) about information that might make them think. These guards only allow the sheep to continue in negativity.

These guards only come to the fore when people want to make a positive change in their lives. They experience positivity as a threat and they do everything they can to remove this threat. They, themselves have no positive input whatsoever. If the positive threat is contained and negativity takes over again, you will no longer see them.

In many cases, the material guards are unaware of the task they are undertaking. Would they take on this task if they were 'really aware' of it ???

Why does the Divine let these guards do their thing?

Formulating a conclusive answer for everyone is a hopeless task. Our observation is that man is created in the image of God. As a result, man has the same power as God. Man is a creator and he creates what he has in mind. The world in which he lives is a reflection of his own feelings and thoughts.

By nature every human being has a sparkle of Divinity within him. This sparkle conveys a deep desire for Harmonization. All one can do is recall this memory and be the Creator of only his / her own Positive Divine life.

Positive, nourishing information can make people think about life itself and can possibly trigger the spark of Divinity, Love, Harmony, Truth that is present in every person, so that he / she who recognizes it steps out of the circle of negative experiences and stories. to participate in a World in Harmony.

If everyone created a Harmonious world for themselves, we would live in a world where no one has to suffer.

Eddy and Rita

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