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Insights into the opposites

In our society there is an exaggerated fascination with the negative. In alternative circles, the negative and discarding it would be the only path leading to spiritual growth.

For example, there are many negative qualities that are attributed to the ego that should be discarded. By trying to discard these qualities, one gives even more attention to them, so that one descends even further into these negative qualities.


All positive qualities have an opposite. This is necessary to initiate a movement in this polar world. This world consists of energy that can be scientifically divided into positive-negative. If one is missing, no result is visible. The lamp will only light up when you connect it to the two opposites, + and -.

Thus "all" properties, positive and negative, are needed to start a flow. Take the polarity of anger-kindness: when one is in an unpleasant situation, one cannot always, only be friendly. One has to get angry at times to change a situation. Someone who is aware of the polar world will be consciously angry. He / she will consciously direct his / her anger to reverse the situation to a balanced outcome.

Get rid of ego?

In the alternative movement there is the childlike idea that one "must" discard the ego and all negative qualities associated with it. Thus one should not "be" angry, anger "must" be put off. In this attitude one ignores the power of the polarity anger-kindness due to a lack of insight. If one starts to discard a negative quality in a lack of insights, the flow is interrupted and everything simply comes to a standstill. It only produces apathy. In this way one simply becomes a greenhouse plant. How can spiritual growth come from that?

Discarding the ego is simply a trick that people use to keep themselves and others, for a long time, sometimes forever, in a lower consciousness.

Duality consciousness

Someone who is in the duality consciousness gives a value to all properties. This is good and that is bad. What is bad must be discarded. In this consciousness people are easily manipulated. Many people make good use of it. Many present themselves as spiritual teachers and tell others to discard the ego. If they want to be proved right in a communication, they tell the other that he is still too much in the ego and that the person in question still has a lot to learn. In this way they try to suppress those who have a different vision. This is done with premeditation, in order to gain control over others.

Spiritual teacher?

When one presents oneself as a spiritual teacher, one is obliged to oneself to come to "Higher Insights." Only "then" is spiritual growth possible. A "spiritual teacher" who refuses to come to "Higher Thoughts" can hardly be called a "teacher." He better stop and do something else. A teacher who only has a fascination for the negative, and promotes discarding it, has "no understanding" of the workings of this world. Many "promote themselves" with all their "negative experiences" from the past. They are said to be "experts by experience". Should they not let go and / or discard anything themselves before giving “good advice” to others ???

If one has 'real insights' about the workings of this world, one would 'immediately' replace the negative stories, experiences and habits with 'Higher Thoughts' that are so simple that 'everyone' can understand them, and also 'without difficulty' 'can apply in their own lives.

Unity consciousness

In the unity consciousness one looks at "all" qualities and sees the need for them. Which results in a deeper knowledge of the energetic workings of this world. One can then clearly perceive the connections. For example, anger and kindness are the two poles of the anger-kindness combination. When one is in the unity consciousness one has a neutral feeling about this combination. There is balance, there is no anger, but also no extreme kindness. This is valid for all opposites.

Eddy and Rita

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