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The Soul indicates!

"Listening to your own Soul" is not that easy. Your Soul is not judging and is giving you all the information you need right now.

The Soul is also patient and because she is directly connected to the "Divine" she will also provide you with her unvarnished opinion which is not always consistent with the thinking you have at the moment. Especially not if you are deep in the matter.

Our life

Since we have been together (2005) we have started to listen more to our Soul, which resulted in black and white thinking. We can no longer show patience for gray thinking. Black / white thinking brings so much more insights and clarity about life here on earth. We ourselves have no more problems at all and that one time something is wrong, it will be solved in no time.

Why do we share information on our site?

The answer is simple. About 14 days before we met - we did not know each other then - we indicated that we wanted to serve the "Divine". We did not know at the time how this would happen. We knew that it would be about twin soulship and spirituality. If you indicate that you want to serve the "Divine" you should also do so, it's that simple.

The Soul indicates

Our Soul indicates what is the next step for us and we listen to it. When it comes to our site and social media, our Soul is very clear. There are quite a few people who are spiritually interested but are stuck in the negative thinking about "twin souls". For the "Divine" all people are important, each one is a potential Master. But people who are spiritually interested are important in the sense that they should support "New World Thinking" and they cannot if they remain stuck in "limiting thinking." So they need information that can loosen them. At this moment (11-2020) our Soul indicates that we need to translate our insights so that we can reach more people with our information.

Our Soul passes on information to us to share. The Divine knows that we do not mince words. We simply write down what our Soul passes on to us. We can do this because we have completely detached ourselves from the win-win happening, socially and family we have also detached ourselves. We do not offer courses or anything. We also do not ask for donations or anything. This means that we are free to freely share the information we receive.

This information is there to consider. Good information should be nourishing. The idea that you have a twin soul without being able to come together and / or be together in "Harmony" is not at all consistent with the information that the Soul is bringing forth. Twin soulship is "energetic and magnetic" so strong that one can 'never' resist it. Nothing or nobody can change that! If one cannot simply love yet, one should not even think of unconditional love. Also an ordinary relationship where one cannot grow into "Divine Thoughts" is not nourishing at all.

Divine information

Divine information is True and "always" nourishing! It is so clear that one cannot get around it. There is only ONE Truth and "that" is the "Divine Truth." That is life in itself! And in this Truth there is 'nowhere' room for misery, displeasure, jealousy, in short all negative qualities of man.

The Divine is "always" positive, edifying and nourishing. For everyone!!!

Eddy and Rita

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