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This insight has been written a long time ago. Inspiration is a strange thing. A few days ago we wrote that we were out of inspiration and today it is back.

If one lives repeatedly, there is 'nothing' new. Everything comes back in a different form, a different text, a different approach, but always 'the same again'. As if there is nothing left to discover. Everything gets boring and there are no more boundaries to push or to explore!

Looking for innovation

In this experience one looks for renewal, but the renewal can only be found in letting go of the 'old familiar' and also returning to the 'old familiar' that one has already experienced in the past, to start from there. to go on again. Unfortunately, people are stuck in the old familiar. "Wow - but also misery experiences!" are milked out to the last thread.

Insights in repetition

Repetition 'can' have a positive effect on your own mood. For example, if one repeats that life is not that bad, when it is actually just a faint derivation of what one once imagined, one will experience life as not that bad. Simple, a little silly even, yet effective!

There are many tricks with which one can appease oneself. Meditation, mantras, NLP and many other little systems with which one can lead oneself and others on a 'soft track'. A soft track provides a 'comfortable journey' where one can fall asleep very easily. Delicious right?

Who wants to sleep all their lifes now?

Sleep all my life? Delicious !!! Who doesn't want this now? And then also earn some money. At the expense of those who sleep even deeper !!! We come back to people who present themselves as 'spiritual teacher'. We know, we've talked about it many times but 'WHO is going to teach the teachers' ??? For the teachers who want to be taught, for free, so the following.

To take it or to leave it

Teaching other people is a nice task, but one has to 'renew' SELF again and again. As a teacher one 'has to' keep reinventing oneself. Inventing is not going to take something from someone else, that is just 'laziness'. Is it good that someone else tells you how something works and that you, as a teacher, tell it further? No, there is more to it than just parrots. As a 'spiritual' teacher, it is important to take the quest your students undertake seriously and to go one step further. As a spiritual teacher you are obliged to stay "ahead" of "all" your students so that you can "guide" them on their quest. You "owe" it to them. If you fail, you are not worthy of being called a "spiritual teacher."

The vertical circle

Repetition can be found in the vertical circle. A spiritual teacher will always habitually descend to the level of his students. In itself this is not bad, it is even desirable. Many students are eager to learn and, too, are quite curious but cannot always follow what someone who has "Higher Divine Insights" means.

A teacher who has insights about this will therefore adapt his lessons to the level of the students. This is commendable. If a spiritual teacher does not have sufficient insights about his / her 'own life' and the position he / she should take, he / she will have 'inappropriate thoughts and feelings' towards the students. For example, he / she will think that he / she "should" feel compassion, pity, etc. towards those he / she is teaching. Money also plays a large part in this, causing the teacher to get carried away in the manipulations of the "psychic realm."

The teacher descends to the bottom edge of the circle and builds up his / her speech until he / she has reached the top edge to reach a climax there. After the speech, he / she receives a standing ovation and returns to the bottom of the circle to climb again in a repetition to the top edge of the circle.

Break out of the replay!

As a teacher it comes down to breaking out of the circle. Your job is not only to teach but also to elevate yourself to your "Own True Self." That is impossible when, out of a misplaced sense of compassion, one keeps lowering oneself to a lower level than where one should naturally be present.

Eddy and Rita

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