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The blueprint of our life

Most of us have heard of the blueprint of life anyway. For each of us, there would be a plan ready that outlines what our life will look like when we respond to this plan.

However, there is only one problem; where is that damned plan and how can we understand it? You would almost believe that there is no plan at all and that we just walk around like a chicken without a head.

Let's just assume there is such a blueprint for each of us until we go there to execute it. In that case, the intention is that we will follow this plan as closely as possible. Because this plan actually includes the entire individual path, doesn't it?


When an architect makes a plan for a house, he / she already has a clear picture of what the house will look like. In fact, the house is already there, in the imagination. In fact, people already live in it. This is how an architect approaches his / her project. The practical implementation will come later, but the house is already there. When the practical implementation proceeds as the architect has in mind, you will get a concurrence of all kinds of elements that ensure that the implementation is completely satisfactory and everyone is satisfied. In fact, what is present, in the architect's thoughts and plan, is followed by the executors.

According to what we know about the blueprint of life, before incarnation we have drawn up a plan and in incarnation we have simply forgotten what that plan looks like. The problem is that we just have to find out what we have decided for ourselves, somewhere far away, we know a lot where, to do in this life. Pffiioe, find out what you have drawn in that blueprint yourself and how you can verify that you are actually living that plan. It would make you despondent.

To pretend

If we take a look back at the architect who has already built the house in his mind, before the blueprint was finished, we can say that our blueprint is already lived and leads us as an example in life. When we move away from that blueprint we don't feel well. We feel that everything is missing. Despite the fact that we have everything to be happy, we are dissatisfied. We start to feel guilty and pretend we are happy. Pretending this takes us even further away from our blueprint.

Live our blueprint

So what else can we do to get closer to our blueprint? And how do we feel or know that we are living in the flow of our plan? The last question is easy enough to answer. You just feel it. Everything is much easier, you just feel that you are in the flow. You also feel it when you get out of the current. The thing is, once you feel that current, to stay in it. This requires insight and perseverance. You no longer have the feeling that you are just skipping around.

The first question is a bit trickier just because you have to get started somewhere and usually there are so many things in our lives that don't really suit us that we tend to leave everything as it is.

We can only advise you; start cleaning up, you can't live the plan when there's a lot of junk on it. Cleaning up is something you have to do yourself. Don't wait for someone to do it for you. After all, you yourself are the architect and the executor of your own blueprint.

Eddy and Rita

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