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Does everyone have a twin soul?

No, not everyone has a twin soul.

It is only the very first Souls who have come to earth, who are split up as man and woman. This number of split Souls remains the same over time, no more are added. They do drop out for the simple reason that when they are reunited, they both begin to live together again in such a way that they can be absorbed back into the "Great Whole."

When these split Souls get into the mill of "rebirth," they will "always" be born male "or" female, the sex will "never" change. This is in contrast to the Souls born of these people and described below.

The Souls who have subsequently arrived here through human birth are souls who have the full masculine and feminine aspect within them. They are no longer split up. They will "alternately" incarnate as male or female. These people do recognize other Souls from the same group from which they themselves originated. The attraction is enormous.

You would almost say that twin souls are the oldest Souls, but this is certainly not true. All Souls are of the same age because their origin goes back to the "First Origin". How and when and how often they have been reincarnated does not alter the fact that they are and remain the same age, for they are "Eternal".

This is also the reason why there are so few "real" True twin souls.

Eddy and Rita

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