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Is twin soulship a farce?

When we read stories of people who write about their experience of twin soulship, we often think, "Are these people serious, or are they joking?"


Many stories border on the unbelievable. To many it seems to be a soap serie. They are going through such miserable things that it just seems ridiculous. Some stories are so poignant and so strong that an average person will not experience them in his / her entire life.

Are they just inventing something, or have they not yet realized through all the miserable experiences that twin soulship is the supreme form of being together? Do they not yet realize that if they fail to achieve the very highest with this one special person, it will never work with someone else?

What do they want to achieve with all that misery?

It's a mystery. What do they want to achieve with all that misery? For the Divine you yourself are the creator of your own life and the thoughts you have about it. The Divine will never whistle you back. It will give you tips in the form that suits you best.

The fact that it is not working properly is an indication that something is not right. If you feel physical pain it means that something is wrong with your body. If you feel mental and / or emotional pain it means that there is something wrong with your thinking and the life you are currently living.

Medicines can be taken for most pains. Still, it is better to adjust your lifestyle so that you no longer need support from medicines.

Take down or lift?

You always have the choice to let yourself be knocked down or lifted. Twin soulship, and we are 1000% convinced of that, is there to lift both individuals! Many people maintain that they are lifted by the taking down of the twin soul ????? Neither of them will then have fully understood what twin soulship means in itself, first of all for themselves and then for all of humanity. Twin soulship is not a game that one can turn on and off at will. Nor is it hard work. It is, however, always being alert and curious about things that are real and that ensure that one can attune one's 'own thoughts' to the 'Divine Thoughts'. These experiences, thoughts, perceptions are always positive and focused on spiritual growth!

Fear is a bad bounselor!

We keep saying it over and over: "Fear is a bad counselor!" Quite a few people who think they have met their twin soul, for fear of doing wrong, stick to something that is less than what they really deserve. Ask anyone who knows nothing about twin soul ship what he / she imagines about this. We bet that after a little while of thinking, everyone will say that twin soulship means a Harmonious being together.

And yet most people make mistakes for fear of doing wrong. To be rejected by the so-called twin soul. They allow things they would never allow others to do. All this out of unconditional love? Or is it just to not to lose this person who is mistreating them? In many cases, the other does not know that he / she is the twin soul of the other. It is easy to say that the other person is not aware of it. Isn't this a farce then?

Eddy and Rita

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