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Relationship with God

As a twin soul we love each other unconditionally. Our love for God transcends this feeling a thousand times over.

This may seem bizarre, but we cannot and will not do it any other way. God, or “the energy that we call God”, is visibly present in everything. In this consciousness we see that Divine intervention is always ready to pour that energy on us. How can you not love God then?

When talking about the relationship with God, one usually speaks of a super being who often weighs the pros and cons, and is rewarded and / or punished according to the actions of man. Such a god must always be pampered, as for example one spawns the parents, boss, partner, etc… in order to get on a good graces.

When we talk about God, we are talking about the Christ working in man. The Christ who always invites man to express God. Not just a little bit, but completely. Now we find for ourselves that when we give in to this, our love for each other grows even stronger. Loving God, then, is a win-win situation. The more we love God, the more we love each other and vice versa.

Since we do not ascribe a personality to God but see it as a 'state of Being', we cannot speak of a relationship with God. The more we love "the energy that we call God," the more we express it. The more we are in Being.

God Is

Eddy and Rita

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