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Find your life purpose in one second!

How is that possible you think, find your life purpose in one second?

Well, take a look at your life, is that what you see perfect according to your own thoughts and desires? No? See your life purpose there! Getting your own life in order is the greatest life goal that exists. By putting your life in order you feed the Universe.

People tend to seek their own life goals in a distant future. One sees oneself as a celebrity or as an important person who can support others in finding their life purpose, or even as a world improver. Of course one has to think big, it is even recommended to think big. One has to see it even bigger than one can imagine it! But don't hold on to that, without looking closely because that's where everything starts.

Helping others

Suppose you experience it as your life goal to help others solve their problems, but you yourself are up to your ears in personal problems. Then you can sympathize a bit with your client, maybe even cry a bit. Did that solve the problems? No, the pressure is off a bit, that's all. Have you achieved your life purpose? No, on the contrary, you take responsibility for others' lives and not for your own. You go beyond your own life purpose by ignoring your own needs of the moment, ignoring the vague feeling that something is not right.


When you wake up in the morning, your first life goal is to get up, otherwise you will get nowhere. Isn't this easy? This way you can fulfill your life goals step by step. In this way you have hundreds of life goals that, when you consciously work with them, can change your life so quickly that you can even create 'higher life goals'.

A possible life goal for the near future could be;

* Taking responsibility for yourself

* Finding joy in life, your work, your relationship (s)

* Take care of yourself

* Get into your own strength

* Solve your own problems

*… ..

Do not look too far, because then you often come to nothing.

Eddy and Rita

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