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Life purpose

"Mother why are we living?" A classic question that many people wonder about.

We do not know what the true cause of life is. Life is so versatile that we would limit it if we formulated a clear answer to this question. We think most people would be deeply disappointed if it were found that life is simply meaningless. We could never comprehend this with all the intelligence we have within us. Just as we cannot yet fully understand life. “But does that make life a mystery? An inscrutable thing? ”

Constructions and statements

There are only questions that encourage people to look further than the end of the nose. This eventually leads to the question “What is my purpose in life?”. This question guides the questioner through all kinds of constructions and statements that, he assumes, have to do with his own "life purpose". One undertakes this and then that again, and established that these actions have nothing to do with one's own life purpose. To make it still interesting, the term "life lessons" is going to be associated with it. We establish a powerful term, it is therefore accepted as such all over the world. "But are they really 'life lessons'?" and "How long do people think they will have to experience these lessons?"

More questions

As you can see, more and more questions are added. And that is only beneficial. Through these questions and the search for answers one trains the thinking to 'consider everything'. Of course one can assume for oneself that everything is already fixed and that we humans have to live it and that ultimately one has no say in how and what one wants to live. We experience that there are a number of things that are fixed, but not everything.

There is a certain framework within which people can use their influence from their thinking. Life can be given a certain direction, which is why it is assumed that we humans are "creators." This is a fact, the proof is there; man is the only being here on earth who can create an imperfect world for himself. He does this of his own free will. It is his own responsibility. He is also free to continue to live in this imperfection. This then brings us back to the question; "Does man really have that much power?". Our answer is short and to the point. "Yes".

"But what is the life purpose now?" We have established for ourselves that our purpose in life is of utmost simplicity; our goal is to live a life from which all trouble and sorrow are gone forever. Result "joie de vivre", to express this joie de vivre and let it flow. Simply by saying: "We send a loving thought to the whole world, may everyone be happy and blessed", we express that joy of life. What a wonderfully simple task.

Your life purpose?

What is your life purpose? In the first place "Live" of course. Maybe you once had a vision of life that you really liked. You believed in it, but because everyone called you a dreamer you have come to replace this vision with something much lower, you have come to assume that this vision was just a dream and therefore a deception. Remember that vision, however impossible it may seem to be achieved, and make your dreams come true.

Is it your ambition to improve the world? Well, that's a noble thought, start with your own life then. Consider your life that you are living at the moment, do not exclude anything, get rid of all kinds of constructions and statements that keep you from being who you Really are, a Divine being. When you do this with the full conviction that you will succeed, you will get everything you need to accomplish this.

We wish you insight and joy of life!

Eddy and Rita

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