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According to various sources, the energy on Earth has been increasing for some time.

In parallel with the raising of the energetic vibrations, the thought arises that there is a need for a totally new approach, totally different thoughts with regard to spiritual teaching.

Quite a few people, who are active in spiritual / alternative education, believe they can push through this change by tackling the educational system, but stick to the content of what is taught. In other words they bring old wine in new bags. Changing the system alone does not help. The content itself is in dire need of change.

Change comes from within

One cannot keep telling one another that it is necessary for every individual to go through the same experiences, before one becomes aware that change comes from within. In fact, every person is internally aware that one does not need lessons, one just does not believe it. Inspiration is what is needed to lead man to a conscious life. There is no need for outer teachings or guidelines. You do not need courses, thick books, initiations, etc ... to come to the realization that you have everything in you.

Who changes what?

It is man himself who should change his thoughts and his approach. One can continue to expect the teachers, or at least, those who present themselves as teachers, to bring what one needs to be able to organize one's own life in such a way that it runs smoothly. But of course it doesn't work that way. In the first place, every person 'must' find out for himself that he / she and no one else is responsible for the way in which he / she fulfills his / her own life.

It is necessary for one to become aware that all people, without exception, are of "Divine origin." And that everything one needs is contained in this 'Divinity'.

Only then will real change be possible!

Eddy and Rita

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