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Symptoms of being happy

Symptoms of Happiness may be a bit strange as a title, but still, we looked up the word symptoms and it means "phenomenon by which you recognize something".

At what symptoms do you recognize that you are happy?

Being happy can then also be divided into categories; just be happy, in other words you resign yourself to your situation and believe that there is nothing more to be achieved. This is the lowest form of happiness. Or, you are ecstatic! This is the highest form of happiness.

We would like to expand on the 'ecstatic form'. A person tends to want to explain everything, while every explanation can be found in the simplicity. Thus the supreme form of happiness resides in the simplest. This connects the 'Higher Thinking' with the life in matter, which is experienced by many people as the lowest life form of man.

On a visible and invisible level, the symptoms of "ecstatic happiness" are as follows;

° You have a neutral feeling at all times (you don't feel emotional pain, you don't feel any misery, you don't have any worries).

° Every day is a holiday.

° You like to laugh a lot. (Even at night you have laughing mares, really! We've caught each other several times.)

° You enjoy the simple things in life, you have no need for material possessions.

° You know that family, friends and acquaintances 'cannot' contribute to this ecstatic happiness.

True Humor is a very important ingredient.

° You have a great respect for nature and you feel at one with it. You feel a great love for animals and you absolutely no longer feel the need to consume them.

° People see, recognize and acknowledge this form of happiness. They are touched by this form of bliss. (We have often experienced this in different locations with people of different nationalities.)

° You have a great sense of unity.

° In an "ecstatic-happy-state" you will look more and more for a higher life form, so that the simplest insights fly around your ears every moment of the day and therefore bring you even more joy. Another step closer to the Supreme Form of Being!

° Every day you wake up with a grateful feeling. Every evening you ask for more insights, just because you know that this happiness is infinite. You just know that there is a lot more that can make you even happier.

° You are no longer concerned with the happiness of others (family, friends, etc…). These material bonds are fading. You just know that they too have access to this 'Supreme Happiness'. They just have to want it for themselves.

° You have a great desire to serve the Divine in the 'right' way.

So we can go on for a while ...

Eddy and Rita

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