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High sensitivity, a gift to the world!

High sensitivity is a gift to the world. The world just doesn't know how to deal with it. Simply because it is generally unknown.

In the world known to us, it is generally acceptable for one to tell one another what one wants the other to see. A highly sensitive person sees this from a higher unity consciousness in a completely different way. He / she sees something completely different from what is presented to him / her and from his / her experience or point of view is confused about what he / she sees in the other. Sometimes someone will pretend to be loving, but still not be that loving. A highly sensitive person sees this and wonders why this person does not live in a "normal" way in his / her view.

Highly sensitive individuals are the initiators of the long-awaited "New World." The old world believes that these persons are not adapted to direct their lives and is doing everything possible to integrate these people into the old thinking pattern. While it is actually the intention that the old world get inspired by the refreshing ideas of the New era thinking.

Eddy and Rita

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