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High sensitivity; Unity versus duality?

When one talks about high sensitivity, one will describe this on the basis of, usually, negative characteristics. There is always an attempt to capture high sensitivity in a box that someone has once defined. That is where it belongs.

Placing this in boxes is quite normal. In their urge to explain, people need a structure where everything can be accommodated. That brings order. You no longer have to fear the inexplicable.

High sensitivity, however, resonates in the unity consciousness. It makes no sense to approach people who are highly sensitive on a different level. Only when you have an insight on unity level, you can help these people a little bit back on their way. Unfortunately, many counselors are working on the duality level and usually have no idea how highly sensitive individuals really live in their thinking. They are doing their best but will not find it from their present consciousness simply because they are looking from below, up. Then you will not get an overview of the total picture.

Everything man does, who begins his quest, is aimed at (whether he is aware of this or not) putting his own divinity on this earth. For this deposition he may or may not be endowed with an instrument. For highly sensitive people, high sensitivity is an instrument through which they can raise themselves to a level where they can become aware of their own divinity.

This high sensitivity can be a problem when one inevitably comes into contact with the dual world. From a unity consciousness it is difficult to understand that life is a struggle for most people and that they also consider it normal. You have to go through problems to come to a higher life. No, says a highly sensitive person, who is aware of his sense of unity, live your True Self, that's all you should do. From this point of view, a highly sensitive person is actually more normal than someone who has a dual view (good-bad) of the world. A dual view always entails limitations. One can never arrive at a 'higher understanding' from a limited vision.

Eddy and Rita

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