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Androgynous feeling in highly sensitive persons

We have read on the internet that highly sensitive people sometimes feel androgynous. This is very normal. Highly sensitive persons work in their thinking in the unity consciousness and can resonate on both a male and a female level.

Start with your soul, you descend into a body (male, female, choose). You are determined not to let this life be lost! In this life you want to return to the Supreme! Keeping this in mind, you know that when you are born you have lost everything. You have set yourself tools, handles (situations, things people say, etc…) to move on. Out of necessity you bring your own high sensitivity (your full toolbox), because you know you will get nowhere without it and because you know that you will lose a large part at birth.

When you then incarnate you will be labeled as male or female, this is normal for everyone. It places you in a box where you belong in the dual world. When you put yourself back in your 'Soul Thinking', you immediately know that you are nothing with this placement because you are bringing out both the masculine and the feminine in your high sensitivity. This creates confusion for yourself because you think you are different and even more confusion for the outside world because they think you are different. Which is also confirmed by the labels that are put on highly sensitive people.

Ultimately, however, high sensitivity is a gift to yourself, you have brought it with you to remember and continue until you reach the Supreme.

Viewed from our own twin soulship, people who feel androgynous are people who do not need anything or anyone to grow into the Supreme. Nice to see! We ourselves enjoy our own twin soulship and wish all who become aware of their oneness a good journey to the Supreme!

Don't let yourself be labeled and keep going!

Eddy and Rita

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