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Emotional Independence

The cause of emotional dependence, depends on various factors, situations, relationships, thoughts about oneself, etc.

By being emotionally dependent on another, one maneuvers oneself into a submissive position.

Emotional dependence of oneself to others in a relationship

Quite a few people think there is nothing they can do about the feeling of emotional dependence. And that the situations that lead to emotional dependence just happen to them. In fact, they resign themselves to this feeling that they don't like at all, and so they are overcome by impotence and the idea that it is impossible to "find a solution" for it.

When one is aware that one is emotionally dependent on others, one "can do something about it!".

Growing in consciousness

As one grows in consciousness and begins to formulate one's own opinion, it is necessary to break free from limiting thoughts and feelings. By breaking free from old patterns and thoughts, one loosens oneself from a subordinate role and takes the position that is meant for oneself. The condition is that people have sufficient insights about this themselves.

If one cannot break free, one will always look for someone willing to take on the role of emotional "caregiver".

In this way one continues to maintain oneself in a giver-receiver relationship. This attitude does not work at all if one wants to continue in "equality".

Twin soulship

What we often see is that people who long for the twin soulship also focus on the giving, nurturing, protecting (of the other) aspect of being together. Of course it is so that the twin soulschip is nourishing. However, it is only nourishing if both experience it independently. Dependence has no place in a twin soulship.

Dependence is a characteristic of the giver-receiver relationship and cannot be extended to a love relationship. So not even in a twin soulship. Love relationships are meant to gain deep insights about the position that one wants to take. Only when one is done with this and one is "spiritually mature" enough to be able to function at the same level in a fellowship with the twin soul, one is offered the twin soul (If one has one) on a golden platter. At that moment one can prove to oneself that one knows how to appreciate such a special event.

Theme variation with soul mate

If both are not yet ready for independence, one is always offered a soul mate in place of the twin soul, which one can practice with. This soul mate can find himself in some situation from which he / she can possibly learn from. What he / she has to learn does not have to be the same theme as your own. This is also one of the reasons why one person feels that there is a twin soulship and the other does not. The twin soulship theme simply does not fit in with his / her experience.

The theme of that soul mate does not have to fit into your life. Open communication on these themes can bring a lot of clarity and bring both to an accelerated awareness of both themes. Open communication is necessary and one should be a little practiced before one can live with one's own twin soul.

You don't get a twin soul just like that

Twin soulship don't just happen to you like that! It is a thoughtful plan of the Soul itself. Twin soulship is fully supported by the "Divine." The Soul of a twin soul has let it be known that She will use the individuals who work within Her vibration, along with their talents, selflessly for the whole. The Soul continues to stimulate both persons to "Higher Thoughts" and gives both individuals at all times the insights they need to be able to live in "Oneness".

In this Oneness they show that it is possible for everyone to find that Oneness within themselves. If two individuals can bring this up, it should be possible for each individual as well.

Eddy and Rita

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