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There is no such thing as missing

We both turned 62 years old this year (2020), or should we say 62 years young? It depends on how people look at it, life still has a lot to offer us, we think.

We no longer have to work and can enjoy what we call our third youth. We are lucky that in our being together we can find anything and everything that we have ever imagined.

When you are 62, you have also "had to" let go of a lot of people. In the first place because people die. You just have no say in that. Sometimes people die after a long illness, but it can also happen suddenly. Sometimes people have to let go, simply because they no longer fit in the life that one lives, or because you yourself no longer fit in the life that others live. So it works both ways.

When we met in 2005 we were both parentless. Many aunts and uncles have also died. One brother of Rita passed away a long time ago, after an unfortunate fall and one sister of Eddy died after a relatively short period of illness.


We have never known the feeling of loss for deceased people. We found it and still find it strange that one can miss other people who have passed away. Someone who has passed away will not return, no matter how great the loss. Maybe this thought is too rational for others but it is just the truth.

In our opinion, by missing deceased people, one is shortening oneself. One cannot fully develop oneself just by looking back to a person who meant so much in the past and is no longer there. This person can no longer provide support and one is fully responsible for their own life as far as the topics supported by that person are concerned.

"Let the dead bury their dead"

This seems like a very strange statement by Master Jesus, when a disciple did not want to follow Him until after he had buried his father. Which would mean that Master Jesus and everyone else would "have to" wait for this one disciple to bury his father. But Master Jesus did not feel like it and let this disciple make a clear choice. Who do you want to follow? The life that can be found in the Divine consciousness or do you choose to bury someone who is also physically dead along with everyone else who is spiritually dead?

Hold on to death

It's never nice when someone dies. But is it the intention to put oneself on a spiritual back burner by holding on to people who are no longer physically present? By missing a person who has passed away, one very often ends up in an emotional feeling that can be paralyzing. It can even get to the point where people no longer feel like valuing their own life.

This, while in earthly life, from the Divine, a great treasure is hidden.

Eddy and Rita

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