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Prisoners of unpleasant experiences

According to a website that distributes dictations from ascended Masters, there are said to be 144 layers of consciousness on Earth. Before one incarnates one would choose together with these Masters in which layer of consciousness one initially incarnates in order to ascend from that layer to the higher layers.

In connection with the "free will" that one is given and that "must" be respected at all times, one can also descend to lower levels of consciousness.

The number of layers and on which layer one incarnates and on which one is now is of no importance. Wanting to know this only has to do with a feeling in which one might possibly be superior to people who, so to speak, resonate on a lower layer. By doing this one fixes oneself in the layer one is in, at the moment. In many cases one even descends to lower levels of consciousness.


We experience these layers that go from a condensed material energy to the very highest finer energies more like a ladder that one can go up and down. The purpose and also the meaning of life consists of climbing this ladder in order to arrive at higher visions and thoughts. The higher one gets up the ladder, the more one gets to see. Every time one goes up one step one "must" let go of what one has seen and experienced on the step lower in order to arrive at a higher spiritual vision. It is impossible for spiritual growth to come from the lower steps. One has already had that growth and it was useful the moment you stood there.

Unpleasant Experiences

Unpleasant experiences can be useful but are completely useless if one wants to continue up the consciousness ladder. They are only there to induce people to search and operate at a very low level of consciousness. We describe how this works in our insight "Driving force for spiritual development". It is useful to know how certain mechanisms work. For knowledge will free you from the illusions that are taken for truth and also spread out of ignorance.

The experience of unpleasant experiences

The experience of unpleasant experiences is of no importance to other people that one might want to help out of that experience. Quite a few people pride themselves on having grown spiritually through those experiences and tell others that they must continue through those unpleasant experiences in order to grow spiritually. This is just a foolish thought that springs from a certain belief one has about oneself. It is believed that one can better understand and help others if one has had or still has unpleasant experiences.

That too is part of the illusion that simply causes people to give away their own energy to something that cannot possibly be called spiritual. By constantly affirming oneself and others in a lower level of consciousness, one holds the collective consciousness on the energy of fear. A fear that makes it difficult to let go of unpleasant experiences. Fear of admitting that they are of no value. Fear that by letting go of them, one could "miss" something on one's own path to a higher consciousness.

In our insight "So-called. twinsoulship = milking out", we will go deeper into how this works. What we describe in that text applies equally to all other subjects.

Free yourself!

If your intention is to help elevate this planet and its inhabitants to a higher level of consciousness, you will have to say goodbye to your own unpleasant experiences and the childlike notion that there is more spiritual growth in adversity than in prosperity. Setbacks and glorifying them keep you in a self-created prison. Many people don't even know where they have hidden the key and claim the right to keep others who are a little lower in consciousness in that same prison.

Only by breaking open the door and letting go of limiting thoughts, can one liberate oneself and those who one held on to a life, that is not predestined for man.

Man is predestined for a high spiritual life here on Earth!

Eddy and Rita

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