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Everyone 'must' come along!

Positive people are not intended to reverse negative people or vice versa. We just show each other the other side of the coin. We can only inspire each other.

We have already written many texts about alternative (spiritual) counselors. In these texts we indicate that it is time for them to adjust their vision to a higher level of consciousness.

When looking at what they share with others, only one theme comes to the fore, namely suffering. Some are already in there, from the very beginning when they started to 'help' others. By paying so much attention to suffering, one 'self' can only resonate within frames of mind that are limited by that suffering.

Yet many, out of habit, persist in adhering to the consciousness they have always offered and are still offering. They believe that they should trigger others to a higher consciousness and thereby forget themselves. In our texts and also in our reactions on their site, which will inevitably be removed by them, we invite them to let themselves be triggered instead of just triggering others.

We also know that if one has been adored by others for a long time, one may think that one has attained a kind of consciousness of infallibility and that it is then difficult to recognize the triggers that are meant for oneself.

We ourselves do not gain anything by triggering others, we only indicate that there is a different way of life, there is a different consciousness that one can tap into. There is only one condition: Let go of that which once was and look higher than you have done so far.

Be amazed by the beautiful things that come your way afterwards.

Eddy and Rita

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