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The drama of being a twin soul

Today, many people recognize themselves in the twin soulship. Many soon experience this twin soulship as a "drama". In their "zeal" to explain this "drama", they are going to link it to "following life lessons."

This, without questioning whether drama really belongs in the twin soulship and the "attendant spiritual growth".

Quite a few people share their "tragic experiences" with their fellow human beings through various channels. They often do this out of a genuine feeling that they are serving humanity in this way. From their stories it seems like it is quite normal for twin souls to live in drama. Many even "believe" it is a necessity.

Wonder ...

We ourselves encourage the reader to look beyond what people serve each other. "Not just accepting" what is written, but wondering if that is what you expect from a twin soulship?

Whether you can expect progress from “dramatic experiences”?

Can you bear to live in "Disharmony" for years with someone who is your "supposed twin soul"?

Doesn't your desire go much further?

Isn't your heart and mind asking for "Harmony" (Truth)?

Is it not the intention to experience this love completely? And then immediately, not only after years of disagreement?

After which you eventually compromise for peace. Compromises that deprive you of some of "the freedom to be yourself."

Is Tragedy Necessary for Spiritual Growth?

Certainly not! We have both known tragedies (dramas) of different forms and types and have found that it is "not" the tragedies that shape us! Even though they were very penetrating, self-defeating, demeaning, painful, indescribable!

On the contrary, they require a lot of energy and you keep wondering what you actually have to learn ??? It is never clear and when a tip of the veil is lifted and you "think" that you now know and that you have gotten rid of it, the drama is back !!!

What have you learned then? That it is karma that you have to process? But what karma? And with who? With your twin soul with which you imagine a completely different life?

True twin souls, when they come together, immediately get rid of the tragedies and they never come back. Twin souls know "no tragedy and / or drama". Tragedies can "never" contribute to spiritual growth. It's that simple!

So what about all these dramas?

Do they have any meaning? For the Divine? Not a single one! Nothing at all. For the Divine it does not matter how you live. The Divine supports every choice you make, without judging.

Do you want to live in disagreement? Well, that's what you get. 'Enjoy it'!

Do you want a more spiritual life with higher standards and thoughts? Also good, you then live well and in harmony with yourself and the Universe. In this attitude you will therefore not focus on the "negative expression" of being human. Tragedies and / or dramas are non-existent.

We ourselves notice that people are more likely to elevate dramatic stories to the highest form of spiritual stimulus.

We also find that most people don't even know how to deal with the tragedies that should "elevate" them. Time to wonder if there is any meaning to be found in tragedy. Rather than asking themselves, most people take advice from others, who say that tragedy is quite normal. And the circle is complete. Everything remains, unfortunately, as it is.


Drama? It's so boring. Everyone "believes" they are experiencing something unique and in the end it all comes down to the same thing. Emotions, sadness, pain, (SELF) pity, ... We know from our own experience that these qualities "on the spiritual level", "do not imply any" progress. Everyone knows drama in their life. With some effort and "the right insights," it is possible to rise above that and become one of the few rebels who know "True Divine Joy."

Allow yourself to "awaken" to the "New World" that many talk about but understand very little about and do not apply it in their "own life"!

Eddy and Rita

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