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We have written it many times before: we are simple people and it is our intention to live our spiritual life in the simplest way and to share the insights that come from it with anyone who needs a deeper insight into his / her own life.

We also firmly believe that the majority of people here on Earth are simple people. Most are unaware of their own "Divinity" but do feel a deep desire to do it right. This feeling arises from the momentum that the Soul permanently offers to the individual.

Divine Invitation

Spirituality must first of all be "livable". One must be able to feel it, one must be able to realize it in 'daily life'. Not just at fixed times, not just on weekends or during a course or the like.

One must be able to feel the "Divine" flowing through them. By feeling this current one enters the "Awareness". Someone who lives in "Awareness" no longer does things that are inconsistent with "Divine Behavior". On a deeper level, one is aware of every action, every thought, every word that one expresses.

We, ourselves, do not need studies to act on the "Divine Invitations." We have put our lives entirely at the service of the "Divine." Every breath is dedicated to the "Energy of God." As a result of which we become increasingly aware of "All-That-Is".

Home, garden and kitchen spirituality

The so-called spirituality that is offered today has "in no way" anything to do with "True Being". In most cases it is a collection of facts and tricks that should make you feel good. It is only aimed at assumptions that come from people who want to become known and rich as quickly as possible, without having to do anything themselves. A 'True Spiritual Life' does not only consist of solving blockages, solving problems, digging through situations, discarding the ego, writing books about "hearsay", sharing quotations, etc. One must first reorganize one's own life before one can proceed to 'True Spirituality'.

"True Spirituality" is an "Awareness" and is "not" attainable through the study of books. People who are illiterate or poor people who do not have the money for so-called spirituality, are also perfectly able to get through to 'Awareness'.


Gathering and sharing insights is not enough. They have no value whatsoever if one does not understand these insights oneself and therefore 'cannot' live them. Simply gathering insights only leads to knowledge. Above all knowledge one must acquire wisdom.

Some insights go so deep that one becomes aware of them in one's own body. Thus, when acquiring deep insights, one can feel a sensation at the level of the crown or between the eyes. It can express itself in a stimulus or a flow through the entire body. Not everyone feels this physical sensation, some people have a spiritual experience that expresses itself in a deep Knowing. In a "fraction of a second" they can feel that time stands still, the insight enters the memory and a film plays, in which these deeper insights are fully explained and understood.

After such an experience or sensation, it is not enough to say that one "knows now" and then "on to the next insight" and / or "we are going to give a course / workshop about it." It is the intention that these insights are deepened inwardly, until one lives them himself. The moment one "lives" these, one gets "even deeper insights" so that the previous ones fall into nothingness.

It is impossible to keep living on a few insights. A spiritual life is primarily a dynamic event and will "never" end.

Eddy and Rita

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