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Embrace your emotions?

Many people still advise others to embrace their emotions. This was a council that did well in the last century. Many people were cut off from their emotions. As far as emotions are concerned, we are a lot further in the collective consciousness.

Not so long ago, it was generally believed that men should not cry. In the meantime, a lot of men don't care about this anymore. They cry when they are sad. Some even do this in public.

Emotions or Symptoms of Emotions?

Quite a few people think that the symptoms of emotions are the same as the emotions. Symptoms are phenomena by which something can be recognized. When someone is crying, one soon thinks that that person is sad and is told that he / she should embrace that emotion. While crying can also be a phenomenon of joy or thrill.

One can also cry after an effort that comes from fear - where the adrenaline causes one to flee - when the tension has passed. There are also people who laugh very hard from the tension or sadness. One would think they are happy but no they express their sorrow in this way. It is therefore difficult to estimate on the basis of the symptoms which emotion(s) one is dealing with.

Insights into the function of emotions

It is of great importance for oneself to gain insights into the function of emotions, if one really wants to evolve into a conscious person. Awareness is an important issue nowadays. Many people want to grow mentally but also spiritually. This is not possible if one pays excessive attention to limiting emotions. One cannot gain insights if one continues to embrace the effects of emotions. Insights are gained during the times when one is not overcome by those emotions. Insights ensure that people do not fall as quickly as symptoms arise.

Gaining insights does not mean that one will look for the origin of those emotions, one can work on it for a lifetime, without actually finding out the cause. Finding the cause often leads to blaming others, thereby transferring control over one's own life to that person or persons.

Insights are obtained by taking a rational approach and by asking oneself what emotions are for. For example, fear gives you an impulse to flee or to defend yourself when danger threatens.

Important questions if one wants to continue to a higher consciousness

It is 'very important' that people ask themselves the following questions: “Do I want to continue this hassle with emotions for a large part of my life? Or do I want more insights into those emotions, so that I can grow to a higher consciousness where emotions can no longer hinder me? ”.

We ourselves no longer suffer from obstructive emotions. We have written a lot of insights about it. We invite you to read and consider what we write. Our insights come from our own life experience and from considering anything that can be burdensome or nourishing to our spiritual growth.

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Eddy and Rita

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