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Different religions advise people not to make an image of God. Whether it is a graved image or a mental image does not matter. They say, don't make a picture.

All this to avoid creating an image that is far too limited. We ourselves think it's a very good advice. Simply because people usually lose themselves in a limited image of how something "should" be.

Responses from a personal limited image

In our insight from yesterday we wrote about twin soul worthy or unworthy. The funny thing is that the person who labeled us unworthily, a few hours before, was completely over the top of our profile picture on FB, she let us know that the love radiates from it, and that everyone wants a twin flame connection like that. According to her, the image was completely correct. After a few messages back and forth, she commented that we do not give the love we feel for each other to others and that we need to feel more compassion towards people who are struggling, etc.

The image she had formed for herself about twin souls no longer matched what we present in our vision. She unfriended us. We don't mind that at all, people are allowed to have their own thoughts and within the framework of "free will" we can only respect her choice.

We did think it was a very interesting topic to continue on. How often does it have to be concluded that the image one has of something or someone does not correspond at all to reality? We want to dive deeper into the topic of being loving, compassionate.

Master Jesus

Masters, spiritual teachers, gurus, etc., are often said to be incredibly loving and compassionate. In most cases, they are so, because people like to see it that way. Most people have formed an image and cannot handle the fact that a teacher simply tells them what the things are they still have to work on.

Master Jesus is accepted by many people as the loving son of God. A picture of Him has been formed in which He is one who speaks unctuous words and is always ready to comfort. If one puts this image aside for a moment and takes a look and reflects on the stories in which Master Jesus simply says His plain thoughts, one must ask whether His response is not a bit exaggerated and yet not so loving and compassionate. If one likes to imagine a loving son of God, one simply skips those stories.


Rational again, because in rational thinking nothing is excluded. One then does not make images that suits the best for themselves. One then looks at what is present and tries to understand it. So, Master Jesus was a very loving person? Then how do you explain that when one of His disciples asked if he could stay a few more days to bury his father, Jezus bluntly replied with, “Let the dead bury their dead. You have to make a choice. Do you want to follow death or Life? ”. These are not exactly the words that are written, but that was what it was about. Is Master Jesus' response loving, compassionate? Is this a response in which He shows that He empathizes with that student?

We leave the answer in the middle, think about it for yourself if you want to form an image for yourself about the loving behavior of Master Jesus. What about the story in which Master Jesus gives the Pharisees His straightforward opinion? Or where He drives the merchants out of the temple? Can these actions be called understanding, loving, compassionate? We think so! The reader's challenge is to find out how such blunt behaviors can still be loving and compassionate.

Eddy and Rita

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